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Brendan Tompkins
Brendan Tompkins   The CodeBetter.Com/Devlicio.Us Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science  11  264  13 
Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Stephen Wright
  ASP.NET + StructureMap = Epic Win  16  57  14 
Just another programmer
Billy McCafferty
Billy McCafferty   Injecting dependencies into AngularJS routeProvider's resolve  127  1,574  240 
.NET & Funky Fresh
  Durandal 2.0.1 Released. How You Can Help...  140  749  301 
Check out the WPF book CB and I authored!
Christopher Bennage
  Building a Game With JavaScript: Making Things Move  140  433  196 
Not all who wander are lost.
Derik Whittaker
Derik Whittaker   Leveraging your XAML MVVM Skills in HTML – Changing Binding Context  683  3,541  696 
Thoughts on Software Development, .Net, OOP, Design Patterns and all things cool

Jeff Perrin - Sexier Than You Are
Jeff Perrin   Development Methodology "Renovation"  15  82 
Lazy Developer
  I'm back and moved  62  167  29 
by 'Jimmy' Skowronski
Alan Northam
anortham   Using LINQPad with NHibernate and S#arp Architecture  14  79  18 
Mike Nichols - Son Of Nun Technology
Michael Nichols   Help Wanted  66  223  42 
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The Perpetual n00b
  Off-topic post  37 
There's always something more to learn
IDOTNET - Further along the road...
  To use or not use Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll (all .NET Languages could benefit?) 
I don't know if I will contribute anything truly new. It seems that every time I find something interesting, I find out it was discovered 20 year ago. I figure there must be others like me, who have not seen everything... so I will post litte nuggets as I find them. I look forward to hearing your thoughts...
Marcin Hoppe
  MSDN Tester Center  1,423 
Marcin Hoppe on software development, .NET technology and the Web.
The Bolla Blog
  A Better Continuous Integration + Version Control System?  11  56  11 
I got a fever, and the only cure is more unit tests.
Expanding the .NET blogosphere
  First impressions of SQL Prompt 3.5 beta  28 
On .NET, C#, SQL, VB.NET, Agile development and everything in between...
Daniel Arak
  Implementing your own methodology in Visual Studio Team System  894 
Michal Grzegorzewski
  Building Communities. Driving Communities  1,594 
Ken Gabe
Kenny3651   VS 2005 Setup Project, SQL Server 2005 Express, and a dash of DB Installation  796 
Lou Haskett
Louis Haskett   Design Considerations: StructureMap Configuration and Plugin Keys  2,201 
Javier Lozano
jglozano   Test Post 
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