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NHibernate in Action coming soon...

Pierre Henri Kuaté challenged his blog readers to figure out what he's been up to lately.  The recurring guess was that an NHibernate book was in the works.  Not only were these guesses correct, but Kuaté has gone as far to team up with Gavin King and Christian Bauer to create the upcoming title NHibernate in Action which is scheduled for an release of July 1, 2007.  (If you use NHibernate, you're likely to recognize King and Bauer as being the authors of the original Hibernate in Action.)  If July seems a bit far away and you're getting ancy for some published material on NHibernate, you can be one of the first to read it, directly from the publisher, via the Manning Early Access Program.

Although I've been working on my own NHibernate publication, I'm about 500 pages behind their 560 pages, so they're sure to beat me to the punch.  Perhaps it's time for me to refocus my attentions towards updating my NHibernate article on CodeProject; at least enjoying the "in print" mention of my article in Windows Developer Power Tools by James Avery and Jim Holmes; and getting on with hacking iRobot Create.  Ah any case, I'm very pleased to see a (long overdue) NHibernate publication soon coming to print.


PS - If you're looking for the results of Refactor It! Challenge 3, I appreciate your incredible amount of patience...after getting through a couple weeks of training and other items, I can finally get around to writing up a adequate summary for the state pattern challenge.

Posted 01-27-2007 10:15 PM by Billy McCafferty
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Andrzej Kuczynski wrote re: NHibernate in Action coming soon...
on 01-28-2007 9:35 AM

I'm looking for the results as well as waiting for the next refactoring challenge :). Don't give up Billy! The challenge was great!

Ben Scheirman wrote re: NHibernate in Action coming soon...
on 01-28-2007 2:45 PM

Having two books on NHibernate is not a bad thing.  Stick with it, Billy.

Your tiny code project article on NHibernate has given you respect on the topic, imagine what a book would do!

Liang wrote re: NHibernate in Action coming soon...
on 01-29-2007 9:56 AM

Hi Bill,

See how many hibernate books out there. I really think you can write a great hibernate book too.

Good luck!

Ben Rice wrote re: NHibernate in Action coming soon...
on 01-29-2007 11:10 AM

Maybe this will offer some antidote to the NHibernate Inaction we've been experiencing on our project.

Billy McCafferty wrote re: NHibernate in Action coming soon...
on 01-29-2007 11:18 AM

Thanks for the votes of confidence!  Actually, the biggest obstacle between me and a book at the moment was picking up an iRobot Create.  Darn those life-complexifying robots!

Jason Finch wrote re: NHibernate in Action coming soon...
on 01-30-2007 6:46 PM

Billy, I think your articles on codeproject are great, I really respect the advice you give.  I'd say if you were still thinking of a NHibernate book there is definitely room for it,  using the approach you've taken with some of your articles.  By that I'm suggesting not just looking at NHibernate but a more holistic view, good separation of code, use of MVP patterns and all that.   Maybe even going a bit into using IoC with castle.   But hey if you keep writing those Code Project articles I'll keep reading them.   In the interrum I've just ordered the MEAP version of NHibernate in Action so I've got something to read until yours comes out ;-)

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