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NHibernate Performance Tuning, Part Deux

Previously, I mentioned Peter Weissbrod's introduction to performance tuning NHibernate backed applications.  Peter worked wonders on a previous project of mine with respect to finding bottlenecks and prescribing appropriate remedies.  Peter's back with a second installment of suggestions which may be found at  This installment includes, among other subjects, a good discussion of transactions, caching and when to leverage stored procedures.  (BTW, did you hear that eBay doesn't use transactions?)  Anyway, it's a useful read for not only NHibernate users, but for anyone developing against a database.

Billy McCafferty

Posted 04-07-2007 6:35 PM by Billy McCafferty
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Pete W wrote re: NHibernate Performance Tuning, Part Deux
on 04-11-2007 2:46 PM

Thanks for the plug Billy.

This is off the subject, but after reading through your blog for a few minutes today, I learned of your interest in AI.

In grad school AI was one of my two studies (the other being databases). In retrospect, studying AI feels like having a major in poetry because its really fun, but I never had the opportunity to use it once I was out of school.

At any rate I'd love to hear what kind of research you end up doing with it! I'm jealous because things like simulated annealing and iterative deepening are more interesting than "select *..."; databind(); public static blah blah...

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