A S#arp Project Case Study

Like Jimmy Bogard, I was pleased to read a post from Howard van Rooijen on the S#arp Architecture forums concerning the use of S#arp Architecture and Bogard's AutoMapper in the timely development of http://www.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk.  With a big thanks to Howard, he has also taken the time to provide a number of great blog posts which walk the reader through his experiences, challenges, solutions, and lessons learned with respect to developing a commercial, greenfield application using ASP.NET MVC.

Hello S#arp Architecture Community,

I just wanted to let you know that a S#arp Architecture based e-commerce site has just been released into the wild: http://www.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk

For those who are interested - here's a little background:

- We ran the project using Scrum (managing the project with Scrum for Team System)
- Delivered in 20 weeks: 10 x 2 week iterations
- We extended the core S#arp Architecture framework (support for multiple databases, ViewModels etc...)
- Integrated other OSS projects into the solution:
  - N2CMS
  - Spark View Engine
  - xVal Validation Framework
  - AutoMapper (for entity / view model mapping)
  - PostSharp (for cross cutting concerns - logging, performance counters, caching)
  - MBUnit / Gallio for our BDD Framework
  - Solr & SolrNet for Search and Faceted Navigation
- Over 700 BDD Specs
- Solution performs very well - 1000 concurrent users per web server, generating around 180 pages per second across 2x single quad core 64bit servers.

If you're really interested two of the developers in the team (James Broome & Jon George who have both posted to this forum) & myself have blogged our thoughts & experiences developing this solution and working with S#arp Architecture:

I wanted to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone in this community for all the passion, energy, knowledge and help you provide on a daily basis. 

S#arp Architecture is a wonderful framework that truly is greater than the sum of its parts.


Thanks for sharing Howard and good luck with the venture!  (There are other S#arp projects in the wild discussed in the S#arp forums...go take a look!)

Billy McCafferty

Posted 10-08-2009 12:55 PM by Billy McCafferty
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