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Google Code Search - fun for nerds

Had some fun today exploring Google's new Code Search engine...

/** Windows has some of the most ridiculous HTTP_USER_AGENT strings */

# gad, this is getting ridiculous

175: Here is a ridiculous function, which uses all of the special

99: we must resort to a different escape method. Now it's turning
ridiculous quickly.

* Ahh, the joys of nearly ridiculous over-engineering.

# The rest are f'n ridiculous. Adobe either didn't think about this, or are just stoopid

# thus (re-)instating the "war time" rule from 1942. Can you say
# ridiculous crack-smoking stupidity?

58: /* Heh, foo, we want to use utils, but they reference applets, and applets_last,
* so smoke some more crack and make these available */

170: as with any other free software, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for
creating such a masterpiece that will smoke crack, trash your
hard disk, and make lasers in your CD device dance to the tune of

* _G_config.h: Smoke less crack, don't define _G_HAVE_ST_BLKSIZE.

This class allows count distincts with multiple columns for retarded databases (Oracle and SQLite)

{Name removed to protect the guilty} was retarded

BSAFE uses the 'retarded' version...Seems like MS uses the 'retarded' version, too.

Heh. Take care in the comments that you put in your code (or whether you attach your name to them) never know where it might end up.

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Posted 10-06-2006 2:20 PM by Bob Yexley


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