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DDD: The Post That Should Have Preceded The Last

I’m all for doing things in the right order, and I probably should have done that before the last post… but…

Anyway, the DDD series has taken on a bit of a life of it’s own – and the numerous posts and comments here have become spread out over many pages, and intermingled with everything else.

To try and keep all this information together, and useful for some time to come, I have created a new web site: DDD Step By Step at

While I will continue my blogging here, both about DDD and other things I like to rant about – the new site will allow me to keep all of the DDD stuff together. I would appreciate it if you could post comments to the DDD Step By Step site, it will be much easier for me to track them there, and they will live on along with the site itself. Feel free to comment here too, though your input may get lost in the mists of time.

I have extended the DDD blog posts there, by adding a Wiki to allow really quick navigation of terms and other stuff that gets buried fast in blog posts.

In addition, the site is also scouring the web for DDD related blogs, pages referencing DDD, and also monitoring the DDD Yahoo group.  Thanks to Google Alerts and Yahoo Pipes for a lot of this heavy lifting.

So all of that combines to make an easily searched reference for DDD material – I hope it proves of some use to you – and I would welcome anyone who wants to comment, update, or otherwise contribute to the site … just get in touch and I will give you whatever rights you need to make the site better for all.

One last thing, as I missed it from the last post … the ebook will still be available and updated, at the new URL

All the best …

Posted 03-02-2009 4:51 PM by Jak Charlton



DotNetShoutout wrote DDD: The Post That Should Have Preceded The Last - Casey Charlton - Insane World
on 03-02-2009 3:38 PM

Thank you for submitting this cool story - Trackback from DotNetShoutout

Ollie Riches wrote re: DDD: The Post That Should Have Preceded The Last
on 03-02-2009 4:28 PM

Any thought on how best to implement validation with DDD?

We currently divide validation into 2 distinct areas - syntactic and semantic and use these in very different ways. We use a pattern that closely resembles the specification pattern.

Reflective Perspective - Chris Alcock » The Morning Brew #298 wrote Reflective Perspective - Chris Alcock » The Morning Brew #298
on 03-03-2009 3:37 AM

Pingback from  Reflective Perspective - Chris Alcock  » The Morning Brew #298

Spike wrote re: DDD: The Post That Should Have Preceded The Last
on 03-03-2009 5:43 AM

Are there any classes that encapsulates all of these ?

Jak Charlton wrote re: DDD: The Post That Should Have Preceded The Last
on 03-04-2009 5:31 AM

@Spike ... what do you mean by classes?

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