I Got Bored Yesterday

Maybe something to do with lack of sleep, but I decided to use my middle name, Jak, from now on instead of Casey. So if you wonder why on earth you are following somebody you don't recognise ... it could be me.


Posted 05-08-2009 8:46 AM by Jak Charlton



Garry Shutler wrote re: I Got Bored Yesterday
on 05-08-2009 5:04 AM

Did you have a dream where you won the World Cup? en.wikipedia.org/.../Jack_Charlton

Jak Charlton wrote re: I Got Bored Yesterday
on 05-08-2009 5:50 AM

LOL yeah I know about him ... but I know for sure my parents weren't football fans, nor would they likely have even been aware of him.

Actually strictly speaking my middle name is Jak without the C ... but life is too short explaining that all the time ... so Jack it is ...

jdn wrote re: I Got Bored Yesterday
on 05-08-2009 11:17 AM

You were just jealous of Ayende/Oren.

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