Around the World in 90 Days


Around 3 months ago, I packed up in the UK, and headed to the other side of the world, to Australia.

Last Autumn I was chatting to Richard Banks over Twitter, and he mentioned that Readify were looking to hire good .Net developers in Australia. I joked that if they wanted to pay my air fare over I would certainly do an interview.

Sadly Readify don't pay for the air fare, but after a bit more joking I took Richard seriously and dropped them a copy of my CV. A few months later, after a fairly thorough interview (part of which took place over Skype and Live Meeting... sadly the reason for no free holiday), I took the decision to join Readify as a Senior Consultant.

For the last 18 years I have been a self employed consultant / contractor in the UK, and have made a fairly good living at it. In fact this will be the first time I have been an employee since I was aged 22. So this was a fairly big decision.

What swung it for me was the general positive attitude of the Readify people I spoke to, and their focus on technical excellence and good development practices. This is a company that is rapidly growing, and despite the general world economic conditions, Australia managed to avoid the vast majority of the financial crisis.

As part of their expansion, Readify are still recruiting, and due to the shortage of good developers in Australia, they are willing to hire from overseas, and deal with all of the immigration and visa issues needed to get you into the country. So far at least one person I have chatted to over Twitter has applied, and if you look through the list of Readify employees you are likely to see a number of people who are highly respected in the .Net world - it's a great bunch of people.

Apparently only 1% of applicants to Readify get through the interview process, so if you are looking for a new career, are open to moving, and are pretty darn hot around .Net and good development practices, maybe you should think of applying.



Posted 03-02-2010 6:38 AM by Jak Charlton
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irislogic wrote re: Around the World in 90 Days
on 03-02-2010 6:14 AM

Hey, just wanted to comment that it's nice to read a blog post from someone who didn't take the office employee route in life too. I'm still young (25) and a lot of my peers are office workers. Sometimes I question my own decision of taking a different path but reading something like this makes me more confident in my choice.

WebDav wrote re: Around the World in 90 Days
on 03-08-2010 5:48 AM


I have got a call for interview from readify.I am worried about the third part of interview which involves the debugging session via live meeting.

Can you help me by explaining wat do they actually ask u to do in that live session? im wondering if they ask about writting something too advanced which i havent worked on and i get 0/100 :)

What exactly should i focus on ? wat exactly do they look for?

Jak Charlton wrote re: Around the World in 90 Days
on 03-08-2010 6:44 PM


Well done on getting that far, most people don't...

The live session is about 2 parts, one is answering some fairly standard .Net type questions, you know the kind of thing, "Why can't this be X?" "What is the difference between A and B?" etc

The second part is about debugging a very badly written program (well done Richard Banks) and making it work, or at least putting it into some kind of form that could be made to work. You'll have to figure out the specifics yourself, but essentially, Readify are looking for people that understand how to code, how to code pragmatically, how to unit test, how to refactor, how to make a bad program work properly, and where to cut your losses and compromise.

Each individual interview will have some degree of bias from the person doing the interview, but if you are a solid coder, can work your way comfortably around VS and C# you should have no problems at all.

The debugging code is far simpler than the puzzle tests you will have written to get that far, it is all about how you approach the problem.

I wish you all the best of luck. Email me directly if you have any specific questions, though obviously I am not at liberty to give you the answers in advance :)

PartialClass wrote re: Around the World in 90 Days
on 03-08-2010 9:10 PM

thanks a lot Jak.

I am sending you a private message.

This is WebDav btw :)

Will wrote re: Around the World in 90 Days
on 03-26-2010 5:01 AM


Great story and glad Readify found the best Developer I we have ever worked with.  I say Developer, when I actually mean, Designer, Developer, PM etc etc.

I see the list of absolutely brilliant people working at Readify, but I think, WTF is going on with the website.  

I just want to know, is it just me alone in the world who thinks that the website could actually scare people off?  Or is that the point, i.e. we only want to hear from Clients or potential employee's who like coloured bouncing blocks?

Anyway, I'll help you out with the above, I know at least one guy who's just applied for a job over there.



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