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My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm such a wannabe ReSharper padawan. My motivation is good though: I want to be more productive.  On a recent project, I was writing some code in front of a client employee, a novice developer himself, and he exclaimed "The code is just writing itself." 

I learned a long time ago that I could impress my clients by navigating without the mouse, more recently I learned that I could get more work done without it.

Enough talk, here is my current set of favorite keyboard shortcuts.  Some are ReSharper (R#) and some are Visual Studio (VS).

VS Ctrl+K,C Comment out a block of code
VS Ctrl+K,U Uncomment a block
VS Ctrl+K,D Format your code, I prefer R#'s version but this is handy for XML.
R# Ctrl+Shift+R Presents a context-sensitive menu for refactoring.  This is a must for newbie ReSharper padawans.
R# Alt+Enter Another padawan must; this present recommended refactorings, e.Shiftg. inserting a namespace, changing accessibility of a member, etc.
R# Alt+Insert The 3rd padawan must; this helps you insert "missing" code and is essential for TDD.
R# Ctrl+Alt+Shft+F It's a handful, but it reformats your code.  This can sometimes be a bit much, and can cause some unnecessary churn in source code repository. (I do it without thinking.)
VS/R# Ctr+Space Did you know that R# will even suggest variables names?  Isn't that totally sweet? Yes. Yes it is.
R# F6 Moves a class, either to a new namespace or (my favorite) to a new file.
R# Alt+F7 Find usages.
R# Ctrl+Left Click I was giddy when I discovered this.  This is equivalent to Go To Definition.
VS Ctrl+- That's the minus key.  It's like the back button in your browser, it takes you back to the last file you were editing.  This is incredibly useful when you are writing a test, you insert a member into the class under test, and you want to jump back to the test.  w00t!

Posted 10-04-2007 11:44 PM by Christopher Bennage


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