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In case you are not familiar with MIX, it is a conference from Microsoft focusing on the collaboration of design and development. Admittedly, the sessions tend to favor the developer, but there is always excellent design and UX content.

Mix10_Vote_grn_240 There was an open call for presentations this year and the community gets to choose which of the proposals will be selected. There are a number of excellent proposals and I encourage you to go check out the list and vote for the sessions that you are genuinely interested in. (Even if you won’t be attending, the sessions will be broadcast.)

Here are some sessions that I proposed for MIX10:

Cross Compiling Games for Silverlight & XNA

Our friend and Silverlight MVP, Bill Reiss, has created an incredible library that enables you to cross compile XNA games for Silverlight. The library is called SilverSprite and we feature it on Silver Arcade. (Wow, that’s a lot of ‘silvers’ in one paragraph.)

In this session, we’d write a simple game for XNA (discussing some of the basic of game dev along the way) and then port the game over to Silverlight.

This is an area where I wish I could spend more time. I love game development, but it’s always taking a back burner to other projects.
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LinqToSQL and EntityFramework Profilers: Case Study

If you aren’t already familiar with the UberProf suite of ORM profilers, you can read tales of the development on Ayende’s blog. Rob and I built the UI side of the application, and we learned a lot in the process. I’d like to do a talk were we discuss the challenges of the project, how we solved them, and what we did wrong.

Yes, NHProf will be included too. (I submitted a case study for it last year, and it didn’t get picked. I have to sneak it in). 

A few interesting aspects:

  • we built this using MVVM, but well before Caliburn reached maturity.
  • the four separate apps (NHProf, EFProf, L2SProf, HProf) all use a single code base.
  • we’re about to port the project from WPF to Silverlight.

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Silver Arcade: Case Study

This is a presentation that Rob and I have made a couple of times. Most recently at the Orlando .NET Users Group. We walk through the actual code for Silver Arcade explaining the philosophy, design choices and mistakes we made along the way.

For MIX, we would focus more design and UX choices, such as the separation of the behaviors from the views. However, we like to have a lot of audience interaction and tend to follow where ever the questions led (especially those leading questions that Scott Densmore tends to ask).

Silver Arcade is also interesting because  we deliberately used a number of newer hipper technologies; including Azure, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, MEF, NHibernate and so on.
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Posted 01-08-2010 6:32 AM by Christopher Bennage


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