• Hello world

    Hello. My name is Krzysztof and I am the new kid on the block. You can find my personal blog here , but from now on, I’m going to put the most, ekhm, delicious parts here as well. I’m trying to find the right balance between personal life, and active...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 07-28-2009
  • Virtual Alt.NET – UppercuT Automated Builds

    Tonight (February 24th, 2010) I’m going to be giving a presentation on UppercuT (UC) at Virtual Alt.NET (VAN). If you are interested in learning about an automated build tool that will save you time and get you to a professional build in moments, not...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 02-24-2010
  • Kansas City Developers Conference (KCDC)

    Yesterday I attended KCDC in Kansas City. It was a great time and I had the opportunity to spend time with people much smarter than me. Even with all of the people I already know, I met quite a few new people during the day long conference. I gave a talk...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 06-20-2010
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  • Joined the tasty bites

    Last week I was invited to join , part of blog network. Unfortunately with all the travelling I’ve not had a chance to even do my first blog post or thank both Jak and Brendan for the invitation, and seeing I’m currently...
    Posted to Hadi Hariri by Hadi Hariri on 10-14-2009
  • Iowa Code Camp November 2009 Slides Up

    I want to send out a big thank you to the team who put together the Iowa Code Camp . You people did an awesome job!!! I had a great time giving my talks and really enjoyed hanging out with the crowd in Iowa. For those of you who attended my talks, or...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 11-07-2009
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  • Speaking at Chicago Architects Group May 18

    I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Architects Group on May 18 over at the ITA (next to Union Station in Chicago- corner of Adams and Wacker). My topic is Azure for Architects. In this talk, I go over how to look at and use Azure from a software architecture...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 05-17-2010
  • Lambdas aren’t just for managed code

    A long time ago, I was a C++ developer. I actually thought of myself as a pretty darn good C++ developer and got way too excited when I finally got to meet folks like Scott Meyers and actually landed a job working with Bobby Schmidt—same team on MSDN...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 10-21-2009
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  • UserVoice for Castle Project

    One of the most active members of Castle Community, Krzysztof Kozmic , has opened a user voice page for Castle, and you can be sure that this page is followed by Castle Committers. We are waiting for your suggestions on any piece of the Castle Stack....
    Posted to Tuna Toksoz by Tuna Toksoz on 04-27-2009
  • CodeStock 2010 Keynote: Rachel Appel

    It is with great honor I announce the keynote speaker at CodeStock 2010 will be Rachel Appel . Rachel is a well known and respected speaker, a rising star of the .Net community. I have no doubt she will giving the keynote address at larger conferences...
    Posted to ViNull, Off the Record by Michael C. Neel on 02-21-2010
  • Speaking at Chippewa Valley .NET Users’ Group Tomorrow

    I’ll be doing a beginner's talk on WCF tomorrow night at the Chippewa Valley .NET Users’ Group. Details are here: . I’m looking forward to meeting some new people!
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 06-23-2010
  • Just one Solution for Daily WTF Praxis on 8-5-2009

    Over at The Daily WTF , they’ve started posting programming puzzles. The latest one is a puzzle where a set of locker doors are toggled, starting from the closed state, to the open state. Starting at a step size of 1 and stopping at a step size...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 08-05-2009
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  • Speaking at Chicago Alt.Net Meeting

    This month, I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Alt.Net user group meeting. Please check out the details here and register here . And, here is the blurb on the talk: November 2009 Meeting Building OpenSocial Applications 6:00 pm Pizza and networking...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 11-09-2009
  • Limiting time for Discovery Part II

    Previously , I had thought I found a way to speed up discovery by limiting the search time. It turns out that there are better ways to achieve the same goal. When limiting duration, you are trying to find all endpoints implementing a given contract within...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 04-29-2010
  • Book review - The Seed of Hope

    The Seed of Hope (Talent Tree) I used to be a big fan of fantasy and science fiction books back in a day. I read a ton of books by David Eddings , Mercedes Lackey , R. A. Salvatore , Janusz A. Zajdel and countless other authors. I’m still completing...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 10-07-2009
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  • How Office Automation Saved my Morning

    I had procrastinated on mailing out information for the Chicago Give Camp. I wanted to make sure the email went out early in the week and in the morning so that people would probably read it. This morning, I was determined to get the mailing out. I started...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 04-05-2010

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