• Just one Solution for Daily WTF Praxis on 8-5-2009

    Over at The Daily WTF , they’ve started posting programming puzzles. The latest one is a puzzle where a set of locker doors are toggled, starting from the closed state, to the open state. Starting at a step size of 1 and stopping at a step size...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 08-05-2009
    Filed under:
  • Limiting time for Discovery Part II

    Previously , I had thought I found a way to speed up discovery by limiting the search time. It turns out that there are better ways to achieve the same goal. When limiting duration, you are trying to find all endpoints implementing a given contract within...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 04-29-2010
  • How Office Automation Saved my Morning

    I had procrastinated on mailing out information for the Chicago Give Camp. I wanted to make sure the email went out early in the week and in the morning so that people would probably read it. This morning, I was determined to get the mailing out. I started...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 04-05-2010
  • Speaking at nPlus1 ArcSummit- Chicago

    On December 7, I’ll be speaking at the nPlus1 ArcSummit for the optional morning session. I’d love to see the place packed! Here are the details: About is a site...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 11-02-2009
  • I’m such a friggin idiot—Day of Mobile has that Jay Freeman!

    I’m hosting a conference in Chicago called Day of Mobile . At the end of the day, we are having a big time keynote from Jay Freeman . These days, he’s a rock star in the iPhone universe. For some reason, and I’m a complete moron for...
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 02-26-2010
  • Thirsty Developer interview is up!

    At the end of June, Larry Clarkin met me at a Starbucks to do an interview. After a month of editting, the interview is ready for prime time. Please go to and give it a listen!
    Posted to Scott Seely by Scott Seely on 07-23-2009

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