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Wonder no longer

Well, I think that's about as long as I want to go keeping this under wraps. And what better day to make the announcement than the one day where you can't be sure if I'm actually kidding (especially now that I've called attention to it).

I've been pretty silent on the movement. Not for any political reasons, mind you, hillbillies are what you might call "controversially agnostic", at least if you wanted to be polite. No, the real reason is that I haven't had much to say on the subject. At least since moving to CodeBetter. I did do my civic duty at the previous home though.

I've still been following it. And one of the more entertaining aspects of has been the pursefight blog. But the method of entertainment for me isn't quite what you might be thinking. For me, the fun part hasn't been *reading* the's been WRITING it.

Oh, don't act all surprised. According to the poll numbers, you already knew it was one of the nobody developers out there. I threw the "disenfranchised" bit in there because who'd suspect a humble Appalachian American of knowing how to spell it, let alone use it correctly in a sentence?

I suppose you'll want some semblance of motivation. That's easy: for the unfettered fame it would bring me.

And why come out of the clo--errr.... why reveal my intentions now? Because the mailing list has become less a source of entertainment and more a source of information. Gone are the marathon threads that eventually end "hey, I'm just trying to be devil's advocate here" by someone hoping to hit the reset button.

Now it's all "How do I manage multiple builds?" and "What's your take on Windows 2008?" The closest I got to any disbelieving head shakes was the presentation from Microsoft with some seriously misguided advice on how often to check-in code. But other than that little trip down DailyWTF territory, it's been pretty clean.

And I see no signs of that changing. Now that the identity crisis has passed and that "what is" thing has been resolv---errr....swept under the carpet, it's back to business as usual.

So consider this an attempt at the fifteen minutes of fame promised to me by Andy Warhol.

And I'll be timing you.

Kyle the Gloryhound

Posted 04-01-2008 7:17 AM by Derik Whittaker
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Sergio Pereira wrote The fun continues
on 04-01-2008 1:49 PM

By now you either realized that my last post was a joke, not even written by me, or you are not even

Community Blogs wrote Sorting Out The Pursefights
on 04-01-2008 7:38 PM

Okay, by now all of you with a few ounces of grey matter have figured out that today's earlier post

Conspiracy++ | Caffeinated Coder wrote Conspiracy++ | Caffeinated Coder
on 04-01-2008 11:46 PM

Pingback from  Conspiracy++ | Caffeinated Coder

Dave Schinkel wrote re: Wonder no longer
on 09-01-2008 11:20 PM

Can you translate that to engles?  That post makes no sense.

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