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Deeper in .Net (live) -- Essence of Linq

Speaker : Chalie Calvert

The fifth and final session was about diving deeper into Linq.  This was a great session.  He really dove pretty deep into the guts of linq and how it actually worked.  He did not cover a vast amount of linq syntax as that was not the objective, but was still a great session.

7 Major themes to Linq

  • Integrated
  • Unitive (single syntax for all data sources)
  • Hierarchical
  • Declarative (the what, not the how)
  • Extensible (linq has endless ability to be extended)
  • Transformative
  • Composable


Points of interest from the session

  • Linq allows the developer to have a single point of contact to many underlying data sources (objects, xml, db tables, file systems, etc)
  • Showed how easy it was to to use various new language syntax (ie lambda) in conjunction with linq.
  • Gave a overview/demo on how to use the ORM designer in the IDE to build your relationships.
  • Showed how to return anonymous types via linq
    var query = from c in db.Customers
    where c.City == "London"
    select { c.City, c.Company };
  • Linqpad -- kickass linq expression editor/tester
  • Did a quick overview of how lambda's work since they are so heavily used in linq.
  • Reviewed how the delayed execution of linq to objects works.  This is really, really cool.
  • Did a really nice review of how things such as the Where extension method works in Linq and how the compiler is smart enough to convert linq statements into separate methods when needed at compile time.
  • Did a great high level overview of how linq and lambda generate expression trees and how they are used by the compiler and how we can get the information out of the expression tree. (showed the expression tree viewer that comes with the IDE).

Till next time,

Posted 04-05-2008 5:38 PM by Derik Whittaker
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Derik Whittaker wrote Deeper in .Net wrap up
on 04-06-2008 11:20 AM

Wow, yesterday was great. Myself and Jordan Martz make the trek up from Chicago land up to Brookfield

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