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Code Annotations are a slick feature from SlickEdit Tools

One of the pretty slick (pun intended) features that comes with the SlickEdit Toobox is the ability to create Code Annotations.  Think of Code Annotations as the 'ToDo' on Steroids. 

There are multiple things I like about Code Annotations over ToDo and they are:

  • Code Highlighting of annotated code
    Unlike todo's, Code Annotation will actually highlight the method/property/code that is marked with the annotation for you to clearly see.  You can also open the view pane in the IDE and jump right to the annotation in your code.

  • Ability to assign the annotation to a developer
    Because I can create an annotation for other developers, I have the ability to markup the project without actually affecting the code base.  This to me is huge.


  • Ability to assign a 'due' date
    One neat feature is the ability to assign a 'due date' to the annotation, this way we can create tasks/reminders for us in our code.

  • Ability to assign the annotation to a given project
    When you create an annotation you have the ability to create mark the annotation for either your own person use (non-project specific) or for a given project, which then allows the annotation to be shared among other team members.

  • Ability to check the annotations into VCS for other members.
    Because the data for the annotations is stored in a text file (*.sca) they can be checked into your VCS (Version Control System).  This allows you to share these files and allows everyone to add annotations.

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Posted 06-09-2008 12:38 PM by Derik Whittaker
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