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Wow, there went 120gig a transfer

So, it is official DimeCasts.Net needs to start offloading bandwidth over to Amazon's S3 service.  I held out as long as I could, but last month I almost topped my 'free' bandwidth allocation and S3 is 5times cheaper then my host.

I knew this day would come, and I have to say it is kinda a bitter sweet moment.  On one hand monthly costs just went up (hey, anyone out there want to sponsor an episode????) but it also means that the sites traffic has ben going up.

I would like to give a special shout-to the various guest authors for helping me make this a great success.

In Order of Appearance

Thanks for all the support,

Till next time,

Posted 08-01-2008 3:45 PM by Derik Whittaker
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Andrew Tobin wrote re: Wow, there went 120gig a transfer
on 08-01-2008 6:30 PM

Hey Derik,

I've had DimeCast in my feeds for quite a while but never really gave it a shot until this week.  The boss decided after hearing a Dot Net Rocks to think about giving Dependency Injection another shot, and instead of choosing Winsor or Unity that I have had a little play with before, he chose Ninject.

The same day you put up your second Ninject video!

It's been a great resource to get us kickstarted, and I think I've added to your bandwidth issues, because I've downloaded five or six more in the last two days!

It's fantastic that they are short, simple and to the point - the ten minutes at a time investment is something I can deal with, and I can usually squeeze one in without getting sidetracked by other things.

I really appreciate you guys are doing them!


Alexey wrote re: Wow, there went 120gig a transfer
on 08-04-2008 9:01 AM

Hi Derik, first of all, thank you for an excellent idea and good-quality content.

I have a little advice - how do you think about torrent-way to distribute demos. This is used by Ayende and DotNetRocks, and linux community to dissipate bandwith costs.

Good luck, Alexey

Grant Palin wrote re: Wow, there went 120gig a transfer
on 08-05-2008 12:03 PM

Well, evidently your effort has been well-received! Personally, I do like the 10-minute, bite-sized format of each episode. It seems an effective way to get the most relevant information out there.

I've watched two or three of the videos so far, keep meaning to check out more of them!

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