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StructureMap and Loaded Plugins Gotcha

One of the really great things about the latest release of StructureMap is that I do not need to register objects by default if they follow a standard convention (i.e. if I want to register a controller called ‘AuthorController’ and accessed via ‘AuthorController’ I do not need to do anything, SM is smart enough to map this for me).  However, as great as this is, there is one slight issue (may be a bug, do not know need to follow up with Jeremy).

In the Dimecasts codebase I put the logic to register routes for each controller into each controller.  I then at startup time I loop though all the controllers and register each route.

The code below is the logic I do for performing this registration

	var controllerInstances = ObjectFactory.Model.PluginTypes.Where(x => typeof(BaseController).IsAssignableFrom(x.PluginType));

	foreach (var controllerInstance in controllerInstances) 

	var instance = (BaseController)ObjectFactory.GetInstance(controllerInstance.PluginType); 




All of this works and works well but when i added a new controller to the application and did not manually register it (aka using the convention of configuration feature) I was not able to load the new controller.  I was a little stumped at first, but then it downed on me that since i am not pre-registering the controller with StructureMap it may not now how to find it.  To test this theory i simply manually registered the controller and bam, all worked.

I thought I would share this incase anyone else had the same issue.

Till next time,

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Posted 12-18-2008 8:33 PM by Derik Whittaker


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