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Chicago Code Camp Session List (99% final)

We have finalized the session list for the Chicago Code Camp (may changes if speakers have to bow out).

Below is the sessions that will make an appearance at the camp

Speaker Session Title
Aaron Erickson Code that Writes Code
Aaron Erickson Introduction to F#
Chris McAvoy Python
Cory Miller Introduction to Silverlight 3, what’s new, a developer perspective"
Curtis Mitchel Rails-like development using ASP.NET
Dan Nawara Haml/Sass/Tenplate
Dean Wampler Better Ruby through Functional Programming
Dean Wampler The Seductions of Scala
Derik Whittaker Guarding your code with Code Contracts
Derik Whittaker Take your test to the next level with an Isolation Framework (RhinoMocks)
Dru Sellers MassTransit
Eric Smith TDD for the iPhone
Jim Suchy TDD and JavaScript
Jim Suchy iPhone on Rails
Keith Dahlby Introduction to PowerShell
Kevin Gisi Adding REST, AJAX and Microfromats to any website
Larry Clarkin Spark View Engine
Len Smith Get rolling with NHibernate
Len Smith jQuery Magic
Marc Temkin Data Visualization with WPF
Micah Martin Develop your Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) faster than ever, with a thorough suite of unit tests to boot."
Micah Martin Ruby Kata and Sparring
Michael Eaton An Introduction to Castle ActiveRecord, or How to stop writing CRUD"
Michael Eaton Developing Solid WPF Applications
Michael Hall Introduction to AOP with PostSharp
Narayanan Kulasekar Tools to build an effective Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process"
Perry Hertler TDD in the Real World
Rob Lambert Building and Deploying a Ruby on Rails Application on Amazon EC2
Scott Seely Introduction to Google App Engine (GAE)
Sean Blanton Trends in Continuous Integration and Software Delivery
Tim Barcz Beginner's Guide to Unit Tests
Tim Barcz Regular Expressions for the .NET Developer

If you would like to attend the camp please signup here:  RSVP

Till next time,

Posted 04-30-2009 2:32 PM by Derik Whittaker
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