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Grooving with my new toy

Ok, so it is official I have jumped on the ‘gotta have a mac bandwagon’.  The week prior to father’s day my lovely wife decided that I could get a new MacBook Pro (well, Dimecasts was going to pay 75% of the cost and she would pay the other 25%).  I decided that I was not going to make this new machine my primary box, so I went small and picked up the 13.3 model.

So, why did I get one?  Because I could silly :).  No, mostly to learn and play. I want to learn how to code in a different environment and with different languages.  On my list is Ruby (of course), Objective-C and maybe some playing with Java.  I do plan on building a iPhone app for Dimecasts (just need to find the time now).

With about 2 weeks of using/playing under my belt and I have to admit the transition has been pretty easy.  About the only real annoyance is the fact that they keyboard is a bit different than a PC, but over time.

Anyway, thought I would share with the world that I got a new toy.  BTW, Windows 7 runs SUPER fast under VM on this box.

Till next time,

Posted 06-27-2009 1:55 PM by Derik Whittaker
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Kyle wrote re: Grooving with my new toy
on 06-27-2009 3:11 PM

I've been on a MacBook Pro now for 2 years and don't think I'll ever go back.  Wanted to give you a few tips on the keyboard.

If you haven't found it already here is the keyboard mapping for bootcamp from Apple.

One they dont' mention that is important if you use Resharper is the Insert key.  It is there just not docutmented.




Mark Nijhof wrote re: Grooving with my new toy
on 06-27-2009 8:01 PM

Ahh the Alt+Insert tip is cool, I just mapped Alt+i to this as that maked sense too me :)

I have a 17" as my main and only dev machine and I am truely loving it. Just got 4GB and will upgrade to 8GB when I can. SSD is also on the list, but these things would also be on the list if it where a normal PC.


James Gregory wrote re: Grooving with my new toy
on 06-28-2009 5:26 PM

Welcome to the club :)

Donn Felker wrote re: Grooving with my new toy
on 06-29-2009 11:32 AM

I'm looking at picking up a Mac Book Pro for my wife and I in the next month or so. I cant wait to check it out.

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