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Setting up TortoiseSVN to use WinMerge

If you are a TortoiseSVN user and have ever needed to do a diff or edit on multiple versions you may agree with me that the default diff tool that comes out of the box with Tortoise leaves a lot to be desired.  But the great news is that Tortoise allows you to setup your own diff/merge tool for usage.  In my case I am a WinMerge fan.  If you are not familiar with WinMerge check them out.  WinMerge is a open source merge tool that just works and is very, very simple to understand and use.

How to setup Tortoise to use WinMerge

  1. Right click on any folder that is under svn control and do TortoiseSVN –> Settings (will open the settings dialog)
  2. Expand ‘External Programs’
    1. Setting Up for Diff Viewer
      1. Click on Diff Viewer
      2. Provide the following in the 2 text boxes on this tab
        C:\[YourPathHere]\WinMergeU.exe -e -x -ub -dl %bname -dr %yname %base %mine
    2. Setting up for Merge Tool
      1. Click on Merge Tool
      2. Provide the following in the 2 text boxes on this tab
        C:\[YourPathHere]\WinMergeU.exe -e -x -ub -dl %bname -dr %yname %base %mine


There you have it, you can not start to use WinMerge as your diff/merge tool for TortoiseSVN. 

**NOTE** If you install WinMerge AFTER you install Tortoise there is a prompt in the setup that will do most of this for you **NOTE**

Till next time,

Posted 09-22-2009 5:23 AM by Derik Whittaker
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Nick Berardi wrote re: Setting up TortoiseSVN to use WinMerge
on 09-22-2009 12:30 PM

Hi Derik,

If you install WinMerge after TortoiseSVN, one of the installation options is if you want to setup TortoiseSVN to use WinMerge.  Just an additional tip, for install order when setting up a new machine.  :)

Thanks for the great info though.


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