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WCF & Mex are correct, but why is my metadata not published????

Today I ran into a very interesting issue where my WCF service was not publishing my metadata… but I had the Mex endpoint setup correctly.  When I tried to hit my hosted service in a browser I received the following message



I double checked that my config was indeed correct it was…. I was at a loss for a reason for this.  Then I started to retrace my config changes steps (because this was working only a few minutes prior) and I remembered that I had removed what I thought was an empty config section which did not appear to be needed.

If you look at the config section below I assumed that since there was not a name on the behavior it was not being used so it was not needed.  But I guess I was wrong.



Once I added this back I was able to get my metadata back and test via the browser or the WcfTestClient

I both love WCF and hate WCF at the exact same time…. :)

Till next time,

Posted 06-17-2010 7:15 AM by Derik Whittaker
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Dennis van der Stelt wrote re: WCF & Mex are correct, but why is my metadata not published????
on 06-18-2010 1:19 AM

Your MEX endpoint was also not configured, this is default WCF4 behavior. You can do ServiceHost host = new ServiceHost() and then host.AddDefaultEndpoints but also host.AddEndpoint(new MetaDataEndpoint ()). But you also still need to add the behavior, because that's still not addes automatically. If you know internals of WCF its logical, but from outside it's kinda weird ;)

I always like exicitely defining everything I use, instead of having some default config and/or endpoints.

Aaaargh, I typed everything in on my mobile, but it doesn't support the dragging of yout captcha control. So i've emailed this story and posted it on my desktop, hours later.

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