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Help Fiddler is not capturing my traffic!!!

If you are not a power user, like me, of Fiddler2 (or even a non-power user) you may run into the occasion where Fiddler simply stops capturing your traffic it can be very frustrating.  Today this happened to me, well technically I caused the issue a few weeks ago, but just noticed it today.

If you are like me when this happens you are going to jump out to google and look for an answer.  Most everything I saw out there pointed me to my  WinINet settings or the Fiddler Options (below)


After looking at my settings and making various pointless changes nothing solved my problem.  I than moved on to the ‘lets see if uninstalling/reinstalling dance’ solves my problem, which of course it did not.  Right When I was about to declare my machine ‘fiddler broken’ I by chanced clicked on the "Filters” tab

and noticed that turned on Using Filters and was ONLY accepting traffic from one IP Address as below


After turning off the ‘User Filters’ option my traffic was being monitored again…. wow that was difficult.

The moral of the story is this.  If you turn on filtering in Fiddler you may want to turn it back off prior to leaving the application because chances are you will forget you turned it on a few weeks later and you will pull out your hair trying to find out why your traffic is not being captured.

Hope this helps some other poor sap like myself.

Till next time,

Posted 09-23-2011 8:51 AM by Derik Whittaker
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Scott wrote re: Help Fiddler is not capturing my traffic!!!
on 09-23-2011 4:33 PM

I've done that... :(

Would be nice if Fiddler had a dialog that showed on launch that said something like "You have filters.  Keep them?"

Wyatt Barnett wrote re: Help Fiddler is not capturing my traffic!!!
on 09-23-2011 6:36 PM

In a similar vein -- I once had manage to click in the bottom left corner to show only traffic from web browsers. Without realizing it. It was fun trying to debug web services . . .

EricLaw [MSFT] wrote re: Help Fiddler is not capturing my traffic!!!
on 09-24-2011 3:19 AM
Andy wrote re: Help Fiddler is not capturing my traffic!!!
on 10-05-2011 11:52 AM

Thank god for this post, I did the same thing.  :facepalm:  

Capcturing Again wrote re: Help Fiddler is not capturing my traffic!!!
on 10-17-2011 2:42 PM

Wow, thanks Derik[, and Wyatt B]!  I'd done both the filters and somehow [I guess] clicked the Browser/Non-Browser button.  I was about to uninstall and had been frustrated about this for a week

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