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Hiding features always results in a #Fail

Today I decided to blow away my tfs repo on my machine and do a fresh pull.  To do this I opened of up VS 2012 RC and did a get latest.  Of course it did not actually give me latest because as far as the server knew I had it, even though a simple check on disk would have told the system I DID NOT.  When I did this I was presented w/ the following dialog

Ok, the dreaded ‘if you really want the latest you must jump through hoops option’, I do this all the time.

So, I ventured out to do a ‘force’ and was stumped by the image below:

Can anyone find the ‘Get Specific Version’ option?  No, either can I… ugg.  To make sure I was not forgetting something I opened up VS2010 to see where that option is as seen blew.

So, it is clear that in VS2010 the option was front and center so lets get back VS 2012.  Turns out in VS2012 it is there, but it has been smartly placed under the ‘advanced’ section.  Which makes perfect sense because we ALL know we never use this option… like not 1-2x per day or anything Sad smile

Hey developers, if you are going to move an option, make sure that you do 2 things:

  1. Move it ONLY if it makes sense to move it
  2. Make sure you update any message box’s which refer to the option and update them correctly

Till next time,

Posted 06-12-2012 12:34 PM by Derik Whittaker
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Iain wrote re: Hiding features always results in a #Fail
on 06-12-2012 1:55 PM

It is probably better placed there, as with the TFS powertools my context menu has at least 20 items in it.

Jason Stangroome wrote re: Hiding features always results in a #Fail
on 06-12-2012 8:21 PM

Hi Derek,

If you point your VS 2012 RC instance at a TFS 2012 server you'll find TFS workspaces by default are now local. That is, the files you have are tracked locally on your machine, not on the server, avoiding the Force Get issue.



Derik Whittaker wrote re: Hiding features always results in a #Fail
on 06-13-2012 11:14 AM


I am ok w/ moving it, but then update the message box which instructs you to perform the action to be correct :(

Jason wrote re: Hiding features always results in a #Fail
on 06-13-2012 1:24 PM

For some of these annoying steps I've come to love setting up a quick function or alias in powershell.

In the $PROFILE I'll put something like

(say my project is called SCOOBY)

function getSCOOBY(){

  tf get /recursive "C:\Code\SCOOBY\*" $args


NOTE the $args at the end. This allows me to execute

getSCOOBY /force /overwrite

or any other options needed...

Dan Sniderman wrote re: Hiding features always results in a #Fail
on 06-22-2012 5:08 PM

Derek - to be more specific to what others have said - with TFS 2010 ("It gets better" with 2012) - "Big Brother is watching".

TFS expects that you don't do what you did - nuke the directory tree "without telling it".

"The TFS 2010 Way" would have been, after you nuked your repro -  to go to Team Explorer -> Workspace Dropdown and then click "Remove".  

Then you could add the Workspace  back and "Get Latest" works the way you expect.

Yes it sucks - but that's why the fixed it in TFS 2012...  

Vishnu wrote re: Hiding features always results in a #Fail
on 08-19-2012 8:58 PM

My God  nasuya ko sa imong scedhule..ako tawn full ko 7:30-12:30 hahays.. dats life! ehehhe Congratulations in advance Bry!.-= bugITs-technology news and updates's last blog .. =-.

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