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Setting up Unit Testing w/ Jasmine, Chutzpah and Typescript

Recently I got back into writing html/javascript code as part of my day job and boy-o-boy have things changed since the last time i did any of this.  One thing that has not changed for me however was my belief in unit testing, so it was very painful for me to be writing hundreds of lines of javascript (ok really TypeScript) code with NO tests supporting them.  At first I was able to live with this feeling because I was too busy trying to relearn how to do javascript development.  However, I have not reached a comfort level where the lack of tests is killing me again.

No of course in client/server land of .Net development getting started testing is dead simple, however in the Javascript/html world things are still in the toddler stage, IMO, and there are many, many options to testing and I had no idea which is the best.  After doing some searching and asking on twitter I settled on Jasmine as my test runner. 

Now that I picked Jasmine, how did I get started?  Here is what I did (this post is a merging of many, many posts I looked at to get me pointed in the right direction)

Step 1: Create a new test project

Open up Visual Studio 2012 and create a basic MVC 4 application (empty)

Step 2: Get Jasmine

Install the Jasmine NuGet Package

Step 3: Run your application in order to validate that jasmine is running correctly


Yup, we are good

Step 4: Get Chutzpah

I wanted a way to run my tests inside of Visual Studio and this plugin seemed to do the trick. I opted to install the test adapter which can be found here

Step 5: Validate that Chutzpah adapter was setup correctly


As you can see from above, it is setup correctly.

Now I wanted to be able to author my tests in Typescript and have them run as well.

Step 6: Download the Jasmine typescript definition file.  I put this inside my scripts folder as seen below


Step 7: Create my Test Spec

The trick to getting this to work of course is that I need to include the jasmine-1.2.d.ts definition file inside my .ts file as below


I also need to reference my class under test file inside my .ts file as below


Once I did both of these I could write my first test as below


Bam, now I have a jasmine test written via Typescript and runnable via the Chutzpah test running.  Of course I am sure there are other ways to get this to work, this is just what worked for me.

Till next time,

Posted 12-23-2012 6:49 AM by Derik Whittaker
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