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Pro Tip – When defining Custom Knockout Validation rules Wrap them in a Self Calling Anonymous function

While setting up my coding examples for my next Pluralsight course on InDepth Knockout Validation (check out my HTML for Xaml Dev or Knockout for Xaml Dev) I was stumped because my custom validators were not working as expected.  In fact they were not working at ALL.

As I started to debug my code I set a few break points and immediately I saw the issue.  The initialization of my custom rules was being hit AFTER my view model was bound to my context

I had my Rules setup as follows:



Any my VM Binding setup as follows:


Given that I knew the order execution of my code was not right, does any one know why?  I mean I did reference the .js for my rule prior to my inline function. 

Well the reason was that I was not being consistent. In my rule I was using jQueries Document Ready but in my view I was using a Self Executing function. And the issue is that the jQuery Document ready will be executed AFTER the DOM is completely loaded while the Self Executing function will execute immediately.. DOH  I knew this was how the 2 worked but my inconsistent coding habits got me in trouble.

Once I wrapped my rule in an Self Executing function as below the world was a happy place, for me at least.


Till next time,

Posted 07-05-2013 10:22 AM by Derik Whittaker
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