Hadi Hariri

  • Submit a patch

    We love to complain, and Twitter has just made is so much easier. By merely including a handle or keyword of some company or product, we can attract the attention of those we’re moaning about and have them run to try and solve our problem. The speed at...
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  • WTF you got against Silverlight?!

    Nothing. Friend of mine, and Silverlight MVP, asks me why I’ve become The Anti-Silverlight . I’m actually not on a crusade to bash Silverlight. My “issue” per se is not so much the technology but how it’s being sold. Despite...
  • Checking for a null Model in ASP.NET MVC

    It is considered good practice to use strongly-typed models when working with ASP.NET MVC. That is, instead of doing something like ViewData[ "CustomerName" ] = "John Smith" ; you would do var customer = new Customer () { Name = "John...
  • Dynamic types and ASP.NET MVC

    If you’re using ViewModels in your ASP.NET MVC applications, know that if working with .NET 4.0, you can now create dynamic view models. And it’s actually very simple to do. Create an ExpandoObject to represent your ViewModel: Declare your...
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  • EasyHttp

    As of late, much of the code I write, somehow or other has to communicate with an HTTP server. Be it a “ReSTful” service or a “Wanna-be-ReSTful” service, I’ve had the need to make GET, POST, PUT et al operations and work...
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  • YouTrackSharp: A .NET Client for YouTrack

    On and off I’ve been working on a .NET library that is a wrapper around YouTrack ReST API’s. If you’re not familiar with YouTrack , it’s our Web-Based Issue Management system, which is currently at version 3 and recently we announced...
  • var improves readability

      Countless times I’ve heard the argument that you should use the var keyword with caution, that it decreases readability of your code, or how it can be misused . The example given in the linked post is: var Data = GetData();   According to...
  • Profiling Apps 1 of N: The MVC ActionLink

    I’m starting a new series of blogs posts on profiling, where we’ll try and cover common bottlenecks and how to identify them in your applications. However, before delving deeper into the subject, let me make a small but important observation...
  • Getting your OSS binaries with Horn

    Recently Billy McCafferty wrote a post on Horn, a package manager that Paul Cowan and Dave the Ninja have developed, similar to the idea of Ruby’s Gem. Although it’s a step in the right direction, it does have issues. To be able to use it...
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  • Dynamic objects and ReSharper

    As you might have heard by now, C# 4.0 (or is it just 4?…) comes with a new keyword: dynamic . This means that you could do something like the following: Simply put, ExpandoObject is a class that allows you to add and remove members at runtime...
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  • That dreaded M in ASP.NET MVC

    When it comes to working with Models in MVC, I’ve tried many approaches, some good, others not so much. I’ve ended up settling on ViewModels, whereby the Model I submit is dictated by the View I’m working with. This allows me the flexibility...
  • Highlighting Custom Patterns with ReSharper

    A new feature that has shipped with ReSharper 5 is the Structural Search and Replace. It is a way for us to locate certain patterns in our code, and optionally replace them. However, it is more than just a Find and Replace. It allows us to somehow extend...
  • Is NoSQL for me? I’m just a small fish

    Many big players are using NoSQL as their storage mechanism. When reading or hearing about NoSQL, names such as Google, Facebook or Amazon are brought up. And why not? I mean surely if they’ve gone down the road of NoSQL and things are working out...
  • Last Post

    I was invited to join Devlicious a few years ago by Jak and Brendan and very thankful for the opportunity. During this time, I have cross-posted some of my posts on both my personal site as well as here, and have found that as a result, conversations...
  • Native NuGet Support in TeamCity

    A few months ago, Scott Hanselman gave a session at TechEd US were he showed some new features we were working on for TeamCity, in order to provide first class support for NuGet. He later blogged about it here . Instead of delaying until the next release...
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