February 2011 - Krzysztof Kozmic

  • Unit tests are overrated

    Something is rotten in the state of Development. It seems to me we (developers) either ignore testing altogether, leaving it to the Q&A team when we throw them the app over the wall, or we concentrate on unit tests only. Let me make one thing clear...
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  • Tests are your airbag

    Good battery of tests is like good wine. You will not understand its value until you’ve experienced it. There’s few things as liberating in software development as knowing you can refactor fearlessly having confidence your tests will catch...
  • Talking Shop Down Under podcast about Windsor

    Not too long ago Richard Banks was kind enough to have me on his podcast – Talking Shop Down Under . We chatted a little bit about Windsor, including what we’re working on for the next version. If you have spare 30-something minutes head over to the link...

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