Marcin Hoppe

  • MSDN Tester Center

    MSDN has just opened a new site for testers: MSDN Tester Center . It looks promising (there are a couple of videos, some articles, and lots of links). I think that test engineer role is still not appreciated throughout the industry. That's a pity...
  • Visual Studio as an editor. Only an editor

    Today I learned how Jean-Paul Boodhoo structures directories in his projects and compiles his code with NAnt . I use a similar approach so the posts reinforced my confidence that this is the right way to go (one might even say that such a layout is very...
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  • Jon Skeet writes a book: "C# in Depth"

    Have you ever been to the microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp newsgroup? If you have been there for more than a few moments you must have noticed an individual answering even the toughest C# questions like crazy, Jon Skeet . Jon is a C# MVP and maintains...
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  • New Job and New Topics

    After about 3 months of silence I'd like to return to blogging. There are a couple of things that happened during my months of blogging silence. I also have a few neat ideas to implement here on this blog. First and probably the most important thing...
  • How to keep List<T> sorted?

    Recently I ran into a need to keep a list of integers sorted in ascending order. The list was used as an internal representation of a set, so I didn't have to create a new class implementing IList or anything similar. The whole issue was to implement adding new elements properly. Of course, I started with writing a routine to find a proper place for a new element, move all subsequent elements and so on. This is quite a bit of code and it is easy to make a mistake here....
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  • TDD Tip: Leave a Broken Test

    How do you know where to start when you sit in front of your screen in the morning? Half of the developers population will probably start with a cup of coffee, some will visit Slashdot or Channel 9 (that's me!). There is, however, a breed of developers...
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  • Persisting Domain Objects with the Serialized LOB Pattern

    I have been recently working on a pet application that downloads stock quotes and a bunch of fundamental data from Yahoo! Finance and puts the data into a nice little domain model. After some development I got tired of downloading the data with each run...
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  • Designing Web Services: Messages vs RPC

    The most natural way to create Web services in ASP.NET (this technology is often referred to as ASMX) is to write a facade class or interface using pure OO approach and decorate the class and the public methods with proper attributes (WebServiceAttribute...

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