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So here's my first post over at I won't go into my resume or anything (you can read my profile if you are interested in that) but just a brief mention what I prefer to blog about.

I typically am only concerned with technology here. Our family and my personal blog are here.

For me, the blog is like a scratch pad where I publish solutions to various problems I encounter or overcome through the course of my work. These might be little bugs that I had to contend with or perhaps major architectural 'a-ha's that I finally understand. I especially try to hit on topics that I had difficulty finding through google or user groups.

A major reason I blog is because I like to help people along as far as I can in solving various questions or quandaries that I have wrangled with thus far. Being self-taught and working alone has been a challenge for a variety of reasons, but blogs have helped me tremendously so I try to return the love. I am confused on things sometimes but I try to remain humble and am always wanting to learn.

My work right now is primarily split between WebForms and Monorail on ASP.NET, but I also have completed Ruby on Rails projects over the last year, so my posts will reflect these frameworks mostly. Topics I find myself posting on are:

  • NHibernate discoveries or best practices
  • Domain Driven Design implementation ideas
  • Design Patterns applied
  • Castle Project - Monorail discoveries and tips
  • Various Bandaids used to deal with the open wound that is WebForms

I'll try not to waste your time. I'm not real interested in slinging mud and prefer to generate more light than heat,  nor will I waste time with 'meta-blogging'. I'd rather see code and actual product so I'll do my best to output as much of that as I can.

Thanks to for having me !

Posted 09-26-2007 9:55 PM by Michael Nichols
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Marcin Hoppe wrote re: Howdy
on 09-27-2007 2:15 AM

It is nice to have a new member aboard! Welcome!

Derik Whittaker wrote re: Howdy
on 09-27-2007 8:29 AM


Nice to have a new member.  Welcome aboard!

Rich wrote re: Howdy
on 09-27-2007 5:15 PM

"Various Bandaids used to deal with the open wound that is WebForms"

That made me laugh.  Well put, sir.

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Howdy
on 09-27-2007 10:14 PM

Welcome Mike!  I'm intensely interested in the topics you mentioned and looking forward to hearing what you have to say.  I too am a classically trained musician; principle is percussion, but I focused on Composition and Theory at FSU.  Fun how so many musicians find their way into this field :)

Michael Nichols wrote re: Howdy
on 09-28-2007 4:28 AM

Thanks for the welcome mat everyone!

@Rich...RoR and Monorail has shown me WebForms' needless complexity.

@Rob...FSU eh? I can't remember who the studio director was there. I got my undergrad at JMU in virginia and my MM at ASU here in Arizona. I got way into concert marimba but my first love is jazz and funk drumming all the way to age 16 and doing lots of composition/arranging besides. It is great to see other musicians (especially composers/arrangers) thrive in software.

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Howdy
on 09-28-2007 8:05 AM

I studied under Professor Werdesheim, one of the last original students of Saul Goodman and I also had a chance to study jazz with Leon Anderson (plays frequently with Ellis Marsales).  Werdesheim has retired and John Parks is now leading the program; I hear he is doing great things.

Chris Pritchard wrote re: Howdy
on 09-28-2007 9:25 AM

Not to endorse anything in particular, I have heard that the ASP.NET folks are working on something called Blinq.  From what I have gathered, it is the MS response to Ruby on Rails.  Michael, it looks like you are not the only one who has noticed that the forms leave much to be desired.

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