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Castle Active Record Rookie Misteak - HasMany mapping woes

In trying to map a simple ISet<string> within an Active Record class my app kept bombing while trying to perform the SchemaExport during app initialization. Here's the error I get resulting from some call in ActiveRecordStarter.cs:

The given key was not present in the dictionary.

I knew this was related to the following property in my User class:

    Access = PropertyAccess.FieldCamelcase,
    RelationType = RelationType.Set
public virtual ISet<System.String> Roles
    get { return roles; }


Not until I went in to manually create my table did it dawn on me what I was missing:

    Element = "Role"

DOH! I should have gone and looked at other mappings I have created by hand before chasing this now it looks like:

    Access = PropertyAccess.FieldCamelcase,
    RelationType = RelationType.Set,
    Element = "Role"
public virtual ISet<System.String> Roles
    get { return roles; }


All is well again.

Posted 10-02-2007 2:11 PM by Michael Nichols



Christopher Steen wrote Link Listing - October 4, 2007
on 10-05-2007 4:09 AM

Link Listing - October 4, 2007

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