“On The First 269 Characters Of FilePath Madness My Computer Gave To Me…”

I was experimenting with some rake msdeploy tasks and because of the crazy nesting created by the packages I exceeded the 255 character file path limit, making the folder(s) undeletable.

It took me a while to figure out the filepath restriction was what the problem was, so I wasted time in Recovery Console deleting files one at a time.

Finally, I just mapped a drive to a folder in the middle of the path using

subst K:\ “C:\MyVerrry\Verrry\Loooong\Pathname\etc”

and was able to execute del *.* /S/Q commands against the folders to kill it.

The tree msdeploy creates is insane and I can’t find any docs that indicate having control over that.

If you have more experience with MSDEPLOY than I do (meaning more than one day) then please let me know if you can control the output tree structure somehow without having to copy files first.

Posted 04-28-2010 12:58 AM by Michael Nichols
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Matt Hidinger wrote re: “On The First 269 Characters Of FilePath Madness My Computer Gave To Me…”
on 04-28-2010 12:43 PM

Hi Michael,

Hopefully this helps... There is a property you can override when calling the Package or Publish targets, called "DesktopBuildPackageLocation"

The value of this property is where your MSDeploy package will be dropped instead of relying on a Copy msbuild task. Not totally sure if this is what you were asking, but hopefully this fixes your problem.

Below is a snippet of how I am calling the Package / Publish targets in my Deployment.proj file.




<MSBuild Projects="$(SolutionRootDir)/MyWeb.csproj"


       Properties="Configuration=$(Configuration);Platform=$(Platform);DesktopBuildPackageLocation=$(PackageOutputFile);PipelineDependsOnBuild=false;DeployOnBuild=false" />


Michael Nichols wrote re: “On The First 269 Characters Of FilePath Madness My Computer Gave To Me…”
on 04-29-2010 10:27 AM


Thanks for this info. I'll work with this and see what I come up with. I have worked out some troubles with MSDeploy command-line that might make this moot.

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