Backbone Events and Aggregator Update

Dispatcher / EventAggregator update

Earlier I posted an implementation of EventAggregator for Backbone.js. Please read that first.

Tracking down bugs in an EDA setup can be tough. This one had me going crazy.

I had forgotten to take into consideration Backbone.js's behavior regarding events being triggered inside a Model which is:

If a model is a member of a collection, all events triggered in that model will also be triggered on the collection.

This is handy - and dangerous. To keep this behavior and prevent my Event Aggregator implementation from double-firing the same event, a small fix needed to be inserted. Note the check below for isEligibleForDispatcher:

BackboneExt {...

    dispatcher : _.extend({}, Backbone.Events, { cid : 'dispatcher'}),
    wrappedEvents : function (localEvents) {
        var local = localEvents || _.extend({}, Backbone.Events);
        var isEligibleForDispatcher = function (source) {
            return !((source instanceof Backbone.Model) && (source.collection instanceof Backbone.Collection));

        //note that 'this' is the Backbone implementation
        return {
            dispatcher : BackboneExt.dispatcher,
            trigger : function () {
                BackboneExt.trigger('wrappedEvents:triggered', this);

                // this._callbacks is an internal collection 
                // currently backbone could 
                if (this._callbacks) {
                    local.trigger.apply(this, arguments);
                if (isEligibleForDispatcher(this)) {
                    //we must call dispatchers trigger with the dispatcher as 'this''
                    //otherwise, the wrong collection will be queried for _.callbacks                        
                    BackboneExt.dispatcher.trigger.apply(BackboneExt.dispatcher, arguments);
                    BackboneExt.trigger('dispatcher:triggered', this);
                return this;


    extendBackbone : function () {
        var self = this;
        if (self.isExtended) {
        _.each(backbonePrototypes, function (proto) {
            _.extend(proto,  self.wrappedEvents());

Backbone events : being careful

In general, I avoid triggering events from my initialize methods on my models. I have found that when I do so, the event is not fired on the collection. So if there are other objects that bind to my dispatcher they will not receive these events if they are fired inside a Model.initialize method.

Posted 10-20-2011 3:02 PM by Michael Nichols



viikram wrote re: Backbone Events and Aggregator Update
on 11-18-2011 5:13 AM

In your implementation of eventaggregator, I am stuck at the point where two views subscribe to an event triggered by some other (third) view. Now when I want to discard one  of the subscribers and try to unbind the event, both the subscriber views are unsubscribed from the event. I use this code to unbind from an event:


Is there some fix/workaround for this?

Michael Nichols wrote re: Backbone Events and Aggregator Update
on 11-18-2011 8:34 AM

It seems like you have two choices: 1) Include some kind of context object as the first arg (similar to the ( of the jQuery event object) and do a test against that. 2) Bind the views to a different, local event and have the dispatcher bound to a method that simply triggers that event.

#2 would be my preference.

viikram wrote re: Backbone Events and Aggregator Update
on 11-22-2011 1:29 AM

I finally found the solution by digging a little into the Backbone code.

Here's how I was binding the events:

Backbone.dispatcher.bind('select:left', this.handleSelectLeft);

Here's how I unbind them now....

Backbone.dispatcher.unbind('select:left', this.handleSelectLeft);

The key was while unbinding the event I wasn't unbinding the handler which is what I wanted.

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