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MS Updates Break WPF

Today Windows auto-updated itself with several patches.  To my dismay, after the updates were installed, all of my WPF applications started performing very poorly.  After systematically uninstalling the patches I discovered that the two updates for Office 2003 were the culprits.  So, if you have noticed this behavior, now you have a course of action.

Posted 07-11-2007 6:27 PM by Rob Eisenberg
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Rob Relyea wrote re: MS Updates Break WPF
on 07-12-2007 7:39 AM


Very strange!  Would love to get to the bottom of this.

Would love any other details you can give us.

Can you point us towards those patches that you think are at fault?

Can you duplicate this behavior on more than one machine?

Thanks, Rob

Rob Relyea | Program Manager, WPF & Xaml Language Team

robrelyea.com | /blog | /wpf | /xaml

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: MS Updates Break WPF
on 07-12-2007 8:50 AM

Here are a few more details:

My partner and I were working on a WPF application when both of our computers said that there were updates available from Windows Update.  We both opted to install the detected updates and restarted after the installation.  My partner continued working as usual after the reboot, but whenever I ran the application is was very slow.  We initially thought it was our fault because I had just updated to a newly styled version of the app.  I began looking at the Xaml to determine if there was anything abnormally unperformant, but this didn't seem right because Christopher's machine didn't have any problems.  So I began trying to determine what could be different between our two machines, that could have happened in a matter of minutes.  We both are running XP and had done the update at the same time.  After investigating what was actually updated I remembered that Christopher did not have Office 2003 installed on his machine, but I did.  I had already uninstalled several of the patches as well as a few other random things with no sign of improvement.  I then saw these two updates indicating they had been installed that day:

Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB936507)

Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB936557)

After uninstalling these two updates and rebooting, everything was back to normal.

Rob Relyea wrote re: MS Updates Break WPF
on 07-12-2007 4:50 PM

Please email me - rob.relyea at microsoft dot com..we'd like to ask you a few questions...

Thanks, Rob

Rob Relyea wrote re: MS Updates Break WPF
on 07-12-2007 7:42 PM

We think we know what happened here:

MS07-040 - addresses a vulnerability in the .NET Framework (KB 931212) was one of the 7/10/07 updates. Upon applying this update the NGENed images that are dependant on the all managed assemblies that were patched are added back to the ngen queue and their native images removed.

So we think the scenario is that the updates were applied to the your computer and it was rebooted.  Then the customer begins running WPF applications.  Now every WPF assembly is getting jit’d and ngen is chugging along as well – read very bad perf.  Then the customer begins investigating and by the time the office patches are uninstalled the native images have been recreated and life is swell again.

Please reapply the Office 2003 patches and confirm that things still perform well.  Please confirm that this description is consistent with what you've experienced.

Yes, we want to make patching DLLs for the .Net Framework not cause this all to happen...and are investing improving this in the future.

Thanks, Rob

Rob Relyea | Program Manager, WPF & Xaml Language Team

robrelyea.com | /blog | /wpf | /xaml

Heath Stewart wrote re: MS Updates Break WPF
on 07-13-2007 8:52 PM

Actually, all those assemblies not NGEN'd during installation of the patch are only NGEN'd when the machine is idle. You can force NGEN'ing of the assembly by running "ngen executeQueuedItems" from an elevated console or just leave the machine idle for a short while and the assemblies will be NGEN'd.

http://blogs.msdn.com/heaths/archive/2007/07/13/kb928365-for-ms07-040-leaves-some-managed-applications-sluggish.aspx has more information and the root cause.

Matej wrote re: MS Updates Break WPF
on 07-14-2007 8:10 AM

Try to run

ngen.exe executeQueuedItems

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