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Caliburn Beta 1 Is Here

I've finally got Beta 1 out the door!  It has a host of new features and improvements that I'm pretty excited about.  Here's a brief list of what's new/changed:

  • Improved asynchronous programming experience for actions.
  • Asynchronous module loading
  • Eager and lazy loaded modules with lazy loaded commands/presenters.
  • New isolation options for modules: None or Container-based.
  • Scoped UI composition and data storage.
  • Two different mechanisms for event aggregation; take your pick.  Choose a string-based mechanism similar to CAB or a strongly-typed message-based mechanism.
  • Support for triggering actions with routed events.
  • Support for action message forwarding.
  • IActionMessageHandler for advanced action message scenarios.
  • Support for Windsor/StructureMap/Spring.NET and now Unity containers.
  • Various bug fixes, including several that caused (the feeble) VS designer to break.
  • More...

Just a reminder, the project's site is http://caliburn.tigris.org.

My next task is to get some solid documentation in place.  We've got everything ready to get going on this, so its just a matter of me sitting down to do the writing.  Now that we've finished our book, I should have some time for that.  I'll be posting here on my blog when I add new topics to the documentation.  You'll be able to find it at http://caliburn.tigris.org/documentation.

Posted 04-19-2008 2:23 PM by Rob Eisenberg
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DotNetKicks.com wrote Caliburn Beta 1 is Here
on 04-19-2008 2:26 PM

You've been kicked (a good thing) - Trackback from DotNetKicks.com

Lothar wrote re: Caliburn Beta 1 Is Here
on 04-22-2008 3:16 AM
I am investigating frameworks for a coming project. The plan is to use TDD. The GUI should follow the MVC pattern and should be independent from the model so that a different GUI technologies (like WPF, Forms or Web) could be used. I was looking at different tools (Unity, Prism, Castle, Autofac and so on) I wonder if Caliburn is right framework to start with for WPF and what the differences are between Prism and Caliburn? Lothar
Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Caliburn Beta 1 Is Here
on 04-26-2008 3:23 PM


I've had a number of people asking these kinds of questions.  I'm going to try and addresses them in an upcoming post.

n/a wrote re: Caliburn Beta 1 Is Here
on 04-27-2008 6:14 AM
what about MVVM pattern? is that used here? or MVC or MVP only?
Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Caliburn Beta 1 Is Here
on 04-27-2008 9:39 AM

Well, with respect to what pattern can be used, Caliburn makes no restrictions.  Internally Caliburn's services were named according to the MVP pattern, however this is more out of a need to decide on the name for the services than to dictate a single pattern.  Caliburn's ActionMessage functionality is just a generic way to facilitate communication from a View to "some other class".  Whether that class is a Presenter or View Model is completely dependent on the architecture chosen.  In my UI architectures I tend to use a mixture of MVP and MVVM (aka Presentation Model) depending on the situation.

Felice Pollano Blog wrote The future of CAB and MVC for rich clients.
on 05-13-2008 5:45 AM

The future of CAB and MVC for rich clients.

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