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Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available!

I’ve put a ton of work into this release and I think we are finally almost ready for RTW!  You can get the new RC2 bits here.  Please download them, try them and help me squash any final bugs that may remain.  Below is a list of things that have changed since RC1, its quite significant:

  • Added the official xmlns for caliburn: http://www.caliburnproject.org
  • Added a Completed event to IResult (renamed from IExecutableResult)
  • Renamed CompositeResult to SequentialResult
  • Added a Starting event to IBackgroundTask.
  • The filter interfaces have been renamed IPreExecuteFilter -> IPreProcessor, IPostExecuteFilter -> IPostProcessor, IRescueFilter -> IRescue, IInstanceAwareFilter -> IHandlerAware. Also, IMethodBinder was renamed to IMessageBinder and IMessageSupportingMethodBinding was renamed to IRoutedMessageWithOutcome (which caused a change in the IResult interface). The property ReturnPath on ActionMessage was renamed to OutcomePath.
  • Enabled Unity, Castle, Ninject and MEF Adapters for Silverlight.
  • Improvements to DefaultViewStrategy
  • Added parameter and results of message to be bound to Resources.
  • Enabled parameter special files to be "dotted" on. ie: $eventArgs.My.Property
  • Additional attached properties are necessary: Attach, Attach2nd, Attach3rd and Attach4th
  • IPresenterHost's Presenters is now an instance of IObservableCollection<IPresenter>
  • Introduced IAssemblySource as a way for any component to be made aware of inspectable assemblies.
  • Reworked ComponentInfo
  • Added the IWindowManager service for WPF. This enables a model-centric mechanism for showing dialogs and non-modal windows.
  • Added the IViewAware interface which can be implemented by a model/presenter if it wishes to be aware of its view.
  • Updated the build to compile for .NET 3.5, Silverlight 2.0 and Silverlight 3.0
  • Updated all samples so that they has both SL2 and SL3 projects.
  • Many more small features and API improvements...
  • Fixed tons of bugs...

Posted 07-25-2009 4:27 PM by Rob Eisenberg



9eFish wrote Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available! - .NET & Funky Fresh - Devlicio.us
on 07-26-2009 12:40 PM

9efish.感谢你的文章 - Trackback from 9eFish

mario wrote re: Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available!
on 07-26-2009 2:07 PM

I downloaded your bit and the first two samples do not seem to work in SL3. I entered 100/200 in the Sync sample and the result is 0.  I put 100/200 in the Async sample and the result is 50. Continuing my search for a silverlight framework ...

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available!
on 07-26-2009 6:43 PM


I'm sorry you didn't take more time to investigate the framework.  If you had looked closely at the code, you would have realized that the results you saw were mathematically correct.  In the Sync sample: the Integer 100 divided by the Integer 200 is in fact the Integer 0.  In the Async sample: the Double 100 divided by th Double 200 results in the Double 0.5.  The post execution filter then multiplies this by 100 which results in the double 50.

DotNetShoutout wrote Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available! - Rob Eisenberg - Devlicio.us
on 07-27-2009 7:10 AM

Thank you for submitting this cool story - Trackback from DotNetShoutout

mario wrote re: Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available!
on 07-28-2009 11:18 AM


I should have investigated further. I quickly glanced at the live example ... I apologize.

Caliburn is nice. Other frameworks require too much coding in the code-behind defeating the purpose of separation. Others require too much XAML markup.

I'm still learning Silverlight, but I have a background in Flash/Flex. The frameworks I used are notification based. For example, if a display object dispatches MyEvent.UPDATE_TOTAL, the framework invokes a handler via a notification map. Really that's all I want is a way in XAML to dispatch named events with arguments. Anything more is too complicated for designers.

Caliburn is close to what I want and thank you for making the source available. I will be tweaking it (wish it was on github though)

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available!
on 07-28-2009 11:37 AM


Thanks for taking another look.  Feel free to post your questions and feature requests in the forum.  I or other users may be able to guide you towards the path of least resistance.  It sounds like Caliburn does something very similar to what you want.

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