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Caliburn RC3

Today I’ve made the RC3 of Caliburn v1 available.  I’m going to let it sit for a couple of weeks, then I will RTW.  Please take time to update your code to this new version and post any bugs to the codeplex site.  Any bugs not found in the next couple of weeks will have to be fixed in v2.  Below is a list of changes/fixes between RC2 and RC3.  You can also take a look at the recently extended documentation online.

  • Updated the StructureMap.dll to version 2.5.3.
  • Made a slight alteration to CoreConfiguration that makes it more friendly when run in a unit test.
  • Added an AutofacAdapter for .NET 3.5, Silverlight 2.0 and Silverlight 3.0.
  • Fixed bugs in the DefaultWindowManager.
  • Added IPresenterNode which allows presenters to be hooked up with a reference to their parent. All implementors of IPresenterHost now wire themselves when opening children and unwire themselves during a shutdown.
  • Created the IBinder interface. This replaces the functionality that was in the extension method AttachTo. This interface is meant to provide a pluggable way to change the behavior of Model/View wire-up.
  • Updated DefaultBinder to allow for convention-based action wire-up.
  • Fixed a bug in auto-registration with CommandAttribute.
  • Fixed several bugs with CaliburnApplication
  • Fixed a bug where certain module scenarios would cause the PresentationFrameworkModule to be configured twice.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the DefaultWindowManager and CaliburnApplication.silverlight.cs.
  • Removed a pesky attribute in the WPF ContactManager's .config file that was causing bugs for some people.
  • Removed Message.Attach2nd, Message.Attach3rd and Message.Attach4th. You can now attach an arbitrary number of messages with Message.Attach by separating each message with a semicolon. This caused a breaking change to the IParser implementation, but it is unlikely that will affect many people.
  • Fixed some bugs in Parameter.silverlight.cs related to event defaults for elements that are bound.
  • Improved the BackgroundProcessing sample.
  • Fixed some bugs in parsing of parameters for messages. There were certain scenarios where the parser could not differentiate between string literals and references to control.  To pass literals as a message parameter (short syntax only), you must surround it with single quotes.
  • Added AttachedEventTriggerParser. We can all now use attached event triggers in the short syntax. Usage is as follows: cal:Message.Attach="[AttachedEvent ButtonBase.Click] = [Action MyAction]" The caveat is that we cannot map namespaces from xaml into the parser. To work around this problem, we search through all AppDomain assemblies by default. If you would like to optimize this, simply inherit from AttachedEventTriggerParser and override GetSearchableAssemblies. Then register your ITriggerParser with IParser under the name "AttachedEvent"
  • Enabled the DefaultViewStrategy to handle custom contexts without the need of a ViewStrategyAttribute. If a context is the DefaultViewStrategy will treat the view name as a folder name by adding an "s" and search that folder for views with the context as their name.
  • Fixed various bugs in DefaultViewStrategy.
  • Fixed various bugs in AsynchronousAction and in the BackgroundProcessing sample.
  • Updated MEF to Preview 7.
  • Changed IMessageBinder.BindOutcome to IMessageBinder.CreateResult.
  • Enabled the DefaultBinder to look for properties named with the pattern Can + Action and wire up the IsEnabled property automatically.
  • Fixed the signatures of extension methods for IWindowManager.
  • Fixed a bug in binding validation that occurs when properties are overridden on a bound type.
  • Provided a way for a presenter to pass a dialog result to the view on close.
  • Made some improvements to exception messages in the case of parameter count mismatch during invocation.
  • Updated Caliburn's build to work with Silverlight 3.0.40818.0 service release.
  • Extended the IDispatcher to allow async UI invocation.

Posted 09-10-2009 3:42 PM by Rob Eisenberg



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