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Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 5

Well, I’m pleased to say that on Wednesday I only encountered one new* issue during the port.  ListBox does not support grouping.  One neat thing in WPF is that all the items controls supported grouping.  One of the reports we had was a set of master/details grids where the master was a grouped ListBox. Needless to say, this entire report had to be redesigned to work around this issue. Truth be told, I never really liked the way that report was set up. As a solution I decided to use the Silverlight DataGrid with two levels of grouping. That issue aside, it was pretty quick work to port all the reports.  As part of the process, I made the reports mechanism a little easier to maintain. Basically, anything that implements IReport will appear in the report list, will be added to the reports menu and will automatically have its view bound appropriately.  Yay for IoC and Caliburn!  Here’s a screenshot:

NHProf Day 5 


*Just as a reminder: When I say “new” issues I don’t want to insinuate that it is the “only” issue I encountered while working. I have encountered dozens of issues every day. But I am only recording here issues that I find that I haven’t previously encountered on this project.  Trying to track every “instance” of an issue would be unmanageable.

Posted 04-02-2010 12:31 PM by Rob Eisenberg


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