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Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 6

I started working on the most complicated part of the UI: Sessions. There are a lot of different view models and views related to this part. Fortunately, by now, I think I have found most of the issues. But I’m still encountering a few new issues here on day six. Below is the customary screenshot and issue list.

NHProf Day 6

  1. Styles don’t have Resources. We are probably going to have to re-write all of our styles and control template. So, our new solution will take this into account.
  2. ControlTemplate cannot have triggers.  See above.
  3. ControlTemplate cannot have resources. See above.
  4. Uri is missing PathAndQuery – I implemented this manually by combinding AbsoluteUri and QueryString with a ‘?’ in between.
  5. MultiBinding is missing. We are going to do some major rework on that view unfortunately. I’ll try and provide more details later. Skipped it for now…
  6. No ReaderWriterLockSlim. This was surprising. I really wasn’t sure what to do, so I used a standard lock for now.

Posted 04-05-2010 5:44 PM by Rob Eisenberg



J Healy wrote re: Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 6
on 04-06-2010 12:53 PM

Would also be interested to know if you've had any feedback or indication that the SL team is following along given you're generating quite the eye-opening punchlist for them.

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 6
on 04-06-2010 10:12 PM

I haven't heard anything from the team. I hope they are catching this.  I'm planning of making them aware of it when I am done, just to be sure.

Mark Kharitonov wrote re: Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 6
on 05-28-2010 4:38 PM

Hi Rob.

Very interesting series. A small note on the ReaderWriterLockSlim in Silverlight. We hit the same issue in our project. What we did was to take the code from the .NET version (using the Reflector). It demanded a few minor tweaks, the most serious of which is that we could not use the original exception type, since it is internal in Silverlight, so we just replaced it with InvalidOperationException, I think. Anyway, my point is that it is really a straightforward operation of compiling Silverlight version of ReaderWriterLockSlim.

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