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Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 8

Day eight* of the port and I was so happy not to discover any new issues. At this point I have almost all the major UI pieces in place.  You can now see what you would normally during typical profiler usage.  There’s still a lot of work to be done…probably much more than has been done so far. I still have a few big pieces such as query results and query plans. I also have to re-enable multi-selection of sessions and statements because the mechanism we were using in WPF isn’t going to work exactly the same for Silverlight. We’ve got to rebuild all our control templates and styles.  None of those will port. I have to add context menus back in and hook up the help system too.  There are a few other smaller things like that to look into. There are plenty of other issues to solve, but everything in its own time :)

NHProf Day 8

*I’m not actually working full eight hour days on this project. I usually end up spending about 4-5 hours per day on average.

Posted 04-09-2010 4:19 PM by Rob Eisenberg



Milosz wrote re: Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 8
on 04-14-2010 9:15 AM


Just wanted to say I really like Caliburn in comparison to PRISM or Silverlight.FX. I 'm now able to reduce the amount of repetitive / noise code by applying conventions, actions with automated canexecute preview or use the features other silverlight frameworks don't have just yet (i.e screen conductor pattern, co-routines etc). Any chance NHPort code is going to be published?

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 8
on 04-14-2010 9:35 AM

Nope we won't be publishing the code for the profiler. I will probably do some further blog posts discussing the UI architecture. Also, I will probably release a Caliburn Shell sample that shows how to put together a shell that is similar.

Kamran wrote re: Porting NHProf from WPF to Silverlight – Day 8
on 04-18-2010 4:23 PM

Thought this might be useful; context menu control sample for SL4:


Thanks for these posts. I have a project in mind and determined that SL4 was my best bet for maximum platform targeting... doing this research has helped immensely in possible problems I will have.

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