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Two Caliburn Releases in One Day!

Today, I'm happy to make available the Release Candidates for both Caliburn 2.0 and Caliburn.Micro 1.0! The docs for both have been updated significantly, though they will continue to evolve over the coming months. Get em' while they're hot!

Posted 02-21-2011 2:18 PM by Rob Eisenberg



frantisek wrote re: Two Caliburn Releases in One Day!
on 02-23-2011 4:35 AM

COOL, Thanks!

My comments to the download:

1) CHM file doesn't work => it says wrong URL

2) it would be good to create also a package with source code. I used to download the latest sources from the repository but it would be helpfull. I think people can learn many coding practices from the source code of your application framework.

3) I appreciate a description of all results and their API, i.e. as a separate blog entry part 8 ;o)  I mean i.e. Show.Child<XXX>.In<IShell>.Configured(x=>x.WithGame()).... etc. I think there is big power! and the users had to study the code.

I'm going to write my feelings when I used Caliburn and Prism ;o)

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Two Caliburn Releases in One Day!
on 02-23-2011 8:56 AM

1. The problem you are having is that Windows is blocking it because it originated from the internet. Open up the properties for the file and click the Unblock button. Then you will be able to view it normally.

2. For RC I didn't want to create a src package. I may do it for the release. But, the src is always available via the repo and the release version is marked so it is easily identifiable. Using that is probably the better way and seams to be what is recommended.

3. The ShellFramework is only part of Caliburn and not part of Caliburn.Micro. I'm first focusing on documenting the pieces that the frameworks share. Then I will document the unique Caliburn pieces. The ShellFramework will be one of those.

Martin Doms wrote re: Two Caliburn Releases in One Day!
on 02-23-2011 9:11 PM

Any breaking changes Rob? I have been using Caliburn.Micro for some work projects for about 3 months now without updating my assemblies. I will definitely move them over to the RC but is there anything I should know about beforehand?

JeronimoBlack wrote re: Two Caliburn Releases in One Day!
on 02-24-2011 6:04 PM

Hi, Rob. What about NuGet? It would be great to have Caliburn & Caliburn.Micro avilable through it...

Rob Eisenberg wrote re: Two Caliburn Releases in One Day!
on 02-24-2011 7:19 PM


There might be a few breaking changes depending on when you started using the framework. I don't think anything was so massive that you couldn't figure it out pretty quickly. We mostly did lots of bug fixes and added some new features.


For RTW, we are definitely doing a NuGet package for Caliburn.Micro. But we aren't going to do one for Caliburn. It has a lot of dependencies and would probably require about a dozen packages...because they don't really have a system worked out for optional dependencies that I am aware of. That's a lot to deal with, so I'm going to avoid that for now.

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