From Zero To Deployed Contest - Prizes Announced

Do you have what it takes to meet the challenge? We’ll make it worth it.

appharborYou may have noticed at the end of my last post I threw down the community challenge to get from zero to deployed faster than me.

The Challenge

My time was 13:48 to be from zero to deployed. Beat my time and show it in a video response. The person with the best time by March 15th @ 11:59PM CST will receive a prize.

Here are the links to the videos:

The Rules

Let’s revisit those ground rules before I tell you what the prizes will be:

Ground rules:

  • .NET Application with a valid database connection
  • Start from Zero
  • Deployed with AppHarbor or an alternative
  • A timer displayed in the video that runs during the entire process
  • Video response published on YouTube or acceptable alternative
  • Video(s) must be published by March 15th at 11:59PM CST.
  • Either post the link here as a comment or on YouTube as a response (also by 11:59PM CST March 15th)

The Prizes

The prize package for the best time is:
ReSharper           telerik          appharbor

  • $50 Gift Card or equivalent – Provided by yours truly.
  • AppHarbor $100 service credit – AppHarbor will provide a $100 credit for their services once they launch payments. Thank you to the folks at AppHarbor!
  • ReSharper - Jetbrains will provide a FULL license of ReSharper Personal. This license is a $199 value. Thank you to the folks at Jetbrains!
  • Telerik Ultimate Collection for .NET – Telerik will provide a license to pretty much every .NET tool they offer. This license is a $1999 value. A big thank you to the folks at Telerik!!
  • This is a total value of $2348!!!

The prize package for the person that has the most creative video(s) with a time better than mine (if there are at least 5 responses):

twilio          appharbor

  • $20 Gift card or equivalent – Provided by this guy.
  • AppHarbor $50 service credit – same deal as above. Thank you AppHarbor!
  • Twilio T-Shirt - Twilio has donated a shirt and will ship your size to you (this may be subject to US residents only). This is a $25 value. Thank you to the folks at Twilio!

Posted 02-22-2011 6:33 PM by Rob Reynolds
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John Sheehan wrote re: From Zero To Deployed Contest - Prizes Announced
on 02-22-2011 7:44 PM

The Twilio t-shirt is PRICELESS! :) And we'll ship almost anywhere in the world.

Eugene Alfonso wrote re: From Zero To Deployed Contest - Prizes Announced
on 03-11-2011 2:08 AM

My entry:

under 7 minutes =)

James Pogran wrote re: From Zero To Deployed Contest - Prizes Announced
on 03-11-2011 9:42 PM

My entry:

Run time is 5:50, although most of a minute is waiting for my slow hotel wifi to push the repo to appharbor.

Uses ASP.NET MVC 3, EF Code First, Ninject, and MvcScaffolding to build a working to do list site in less than 6 minutes.

Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder wrote From Zero To Deployed Contest - Winner Announced PLUS Extension To Most Creative
on 03-21-2011 1:05 AM

Recently we had a contest to see who could beat my time to get from no code to deployed. Thanks to everyone

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