PuppetConf 2013

I recently attended PuppetConf 2013 (the 3rd annual event) and all I can say coming away from that is wow. It was an amazing event with quite a few amazing speakers and sessions out there. There were over 100 speakers and more than 1200 attendees. And we had live streaming for quite a few sessions and keynotes that had a huge attendance (I don’t remember the number off the top of my head). With seven tracks going at a time, not including demos or hands on labs, it was quite an event.

Disclaimer: I work for Puppet Labs but my opinions are my own.

The venue was awesome (San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel) and I wished that I had a little more time outside of the conference to go exploring. Being there as an attendee, speaker, employee, and volunteer, I saw all sides of the conference. Everything was well prepared and I saw no hiccups from any side. Walking around at some of the events I could hear a buzz in the air about Windows and I happened to overhear a few folks mention the word chocolatey, which was definitely cool considering the majority of folks that are at PuppetConf are mainly Linux with some mixing of environments. I’m hoping to see that start to tip next year.

There were 4 talks on Windows and I was able to make it to almost all of them (5 talks if you consider my hands on lab a talk). Only two of those were given by puppets, so it was nice to see some talks considering there were none last year (I need to verify this).

My Hands On Lab – Getting Chocolatey (Windows Package Provider) with Puppet

Link: http://puppetconf2013b.sched.org/event/ddd309df1b03712cf1ba39224ad5e852#.Uht-a2RgbVM

The hands on lab did not go so well. Apologies to the attendees of the lab, but there was an issue with the virtual machine that I had provided. It was corrupted somewhere between copying it from my box to all of the USB sticks that we gave to lab attendees. Since it was only a 40 minute lab, we had to switch to a quick demo.

I did promise those folks that I would get them a functional hands on lab and here it is: https://github.com/chocolatey/puppet-chocolatey-handsonlab (You can take advantage of it as well for free!).

My Talk – Puppet On Windows: Now You’re Getting Chocolatey!

Link: http://puppetconf2013b.sched.org/event/ecfda2ef5c398eca29b00ce756cd405d#.Uht_7GRgbVM

My talk went very smoothly. It was almost night and day having given a failing lab a little over an hour prior to a talk that had quite a bit of energy in the room. I enjoyed the feedback coming from the audience and the session went (I felt) very well. Sessions were recorded so be on the lookout for that to show up soon.  Until then you can check out the slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/ferventcoder/puppet-on-windows-now-youre-getting-chocolatey-puppetconf2013 – and if you came to the session, I’d appreciate feedback on how I did and where I can improve. You can do that here: http://speakerrate.com/talks/25271-puppet-on-windows-now-you-re-getting-chocolatey

Posted 08-26-2013 11:37 AM by Rob Reynolds
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