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  • Limiting time for Discovery Part II

    Previously , I had thought I found a way to speed up discovery by limiting the search time. It turns out that there are better ways to achieve the same goal. When limiting duration, you are trying to find all endpoints implementing a given contract within...
  • First Experiences with WS-Discovery

    I was digging into WCF’s implementation of WS-Discovery today and was somewhat appalled by how long it took to discover a service from a client when both endpoints lived on the same machine. I setup tracing and message logging to dig into why things...
  • How Office Automation Saved my Morning

    I had procrastinated on mailing out information for the Chicago Give Camp. I wanted to make sure the email went out early in the week and in the morning so that people would probably read it. This morning, I was determined to get the mailing out. I started...
  • Unit Tests in F#

    In the F# community, I have seen a lot of talk about how cool functional programming is, how to use continuations, monads, and so on. I haven’t seen much about using F# for unit testing how to unit test F# code. I’ve been particularly interested in unit...
  • Silverlight Printing

    I have had a project on my “I should build that” list for several years. I do volunteer work with the Racine/Kenosha Wisconsin Friends of the NRA. Every year, we (and many other FNRA groups across the USA) host an event that raises money to...
  • Review of RedGate .NET Reflector Pro

    Disclaimer: RedGate is a sponsor of and offered a copy of the product and a ThinkGeek gift certificate as an incentive to review their product. This review is the work of the author and was not approved by anyone other than the author. There...
  • Versioning REST Services

    I’ve always been intrigued by the versioning problem. The versioning problem works like this: you build an API (Application Programming Interface) to get some work done. That API is successful and consumers ask for enhancements to the API. At this...
  • I’m such a friggin idiot—Day of Mobile has that Jay Freeman!

    I’m hosting a conference in Chicago called Day of Mobile . At the end of the day, we are having a big time keynote from Jay Freeman . These days, he’s a rock star in the iPhone universe. For some reason, and I’m a complete moron for...
  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta-->RC install and ASP.NET

    I installed the VS 2010 RC last night, after uninstalling the VS 2010 Beta. If you see that ASP.NET isn’t coming up/working on your machine, you may need to remap the ASP.NET handlers into IIS. To do that, go to the Microsoft.NET 4.0 folder on your...
  • DataContract, Partial Types and Generated Code

    The other day, a friend had an issue with a DataContract . He had an Entity Model that used DataContract serialization. The code, stripped down to its essence, had something like this: [DataContract] public partial class SomeClass { [DataMember] public...
  • Incorporating Video into a Silverlight 4 Application

    Over the past week, I spent some time with Silverlight 4. I’m really impressed by how easy it is to incorporate video into an application. This post shows how to capture video from the camera and display the video on the screen. The post also handles...
  • The Sieve of Eratosthenes and F#

    There is a problem on the Euler project, , which asks to find the sum of all values under a given number. Problems on the Euler project have a range of solutions, where at least one solution has a runtime of under 1 minute. A popular...
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  • Greatest Prime Factor in F#

    Today I was reading an article in The Onion, Conquerors You May Have Missed , and noticed that the number for the ant looked like it might be a big old prime, or at least have a large prime divisor. (For reference, the ant is # 43,168,974,563,247.) There...
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  • Slides and Code from Chicago Alt.NET meeting

    I want to say thanks to everyone who came out to watch me speak about OpenSocial at the Chicago Alt.NET meeting. Thanks for inviting me to present and for making the time so enjoyable. I’ve posted the slides and the code for the Canvas page here .
  • Speaking at Chicago Alt.Net Meeting

    This month, I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Alt.Net user group meeting. Please check out the details here and register here . And, here is the blurb on the talk: November 2009 Meeting Building OpenSocial Applications 6:00 pm Pizza and networking...

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