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  • Review of ANTS Memory Profiler

    Quick Summary : Highly recommended! This is a big time saver over WinDBG/SOS/CLRProfiler. Either combination will get the job done, but you will complete simple tasks in significantly less time if you choose ANTS Memory Profiler. The review Our sponsors...
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  • How JSONP works (and some bits about implementing it in WCF)

    In the world of the web, we have lots of security concerns. One of the concerns lies with cross site scripting, XSS. From a high level, XSS is any occasion where data is sent from code on a page from one site to another site. The code is usually via JavaScript...
  • Azure Storage is a RESTful service

    Today I had to build a demo for Azure and I noticed that I was following a tired old path where one demonstrates Azure storage services (Table/Queue/Blob) via a hosted application. My demo has two key points: 1. Look, there’s a picture that I uploaded...
  • Review of RedGate .NET Reflector Pro

    Disclaimer: RedGate is a sponsor of and offered a copy of the product and a ThinkGeek gift certificate as an incentive to review their product. This review is the work of the author and was not approved by anyone other than the author. There...
  • Calling an STA COM Object from a WCF Operation

    Note-- This code in this post has been updated on 4-3-2010 to include updates to handle exceptions. One of the things that many people are still doing is making use of old COM objects that run in STA (single threaded apartment) threads. Back in October...
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  • Reading a WebResponse into a byte[]

    This question came up on Twitter. I’m posting the solution here for posterity. How do you read a non-seekable Stream into a byte[]? Specifically, a HttpWebResponse? Like this: class Program { static void Main( string [] args) { var request = WebRequest...
  • First Experiences with WS-Discovery

    I was digging into WCF’s implementation of WS-Discovery today and was somewhat appalled by how long it took to discover a service from a client when both endpoints lived on the same machine. I setup tracing and message logging to dig into why things...
  • Custom ChannelFactory Creation

    Just the other day, Derik Whitaker ran into some issues setting up his ChannelFactory to handle large object graphs being returned to his clients (post is here ). After some back and forth through email, we came up with a solution. Instead of use the...
  • The Sieve of Eratosthenes and F#

    There is a problem on the Euler project, , which asks to find the sum of all values under a given number. Problems on the Euler project have a range of solutions, where at least one solution has a runtime of under 1 minute. A popular...
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  • XmlDictionary and Binary Serialization

    One of the interesting things that came out of WCF is the improvements in Infoset serialization. In particular, WCF introduced a format for binary serialization which reduces space concerns for objects. One of the keys to saving space is the notion of...
  • DataContract, Partial Types and Generated Code

    The other day, a friend had an issue with a DataContract . He had an Entity Model that used DataContract serialization. The code, stripped down to its essence, had something like this: [DataContract] public partial class SomeClass { [DataMember] public...
  • Silverlight Printing

    I have had a project on my “I should build that” list for several years. I do volunteer work with the Racine/Kenosha Wisconsin Friends of the NRA. Every year, we (and many other FNRA groups across the USA) host an event that raises money to...
  • PDC 10 Local Coming to Chicago/Milwaukee

    Microsoft PDC 10 is just around the corner! Expect to hear announcements about Visual Studio 2010, Windows Phone 7, and Windows Azure as well as other major announcements. Starting October 28, you will be hearing about many new things coming from Microsoft...
  • Clean paths with WCF Hosted Workflows

    I am a big fan of the things added to WCF 4.0. One of those things is the deep integration with ASP.NET routes. Today, I was writing a service in WF and hosting the workflow with WCF. I really didn’t like the service URL—yeah, I’m a picky developer who...
  • Move to WCF 4.0 for Less Configuration/Code

    People have lots of complaints around WCF. For the 3.x codebase, many don’t like the amount of configuration one has to write or code in order to get a service up and running. For example, let’s assume that we have a simple service contract...
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