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UdtTypeName and .NET data types in SQL

We are working on SQL 2008 for a new project with the intent to leverage the new data types, in this case especially the HIERARCHYID data type. One of the stored procedures we created had a parameter of type HIERARCHYID.

The code that calls the stored procedure was something like this.

SqlHierarchyId nodeValue = GetNodeValueFromSomewhere();
var cmd =new SqlCommand("usp_EnableNode");
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
var  nodeParam = myCommand.Parameters.Add("@Node", SqlDbType.SqlHierarchyId);
nodeParam.Value = nodeValue; 
var enableParam = myCommand.Parameters.Add("@Enable",  SqlDbType.SqlBit);
enableParam.Value = true;

When running this code we were getting the error "UdtTypeName property must be set for UDT parameters." Since the HIERARCHYID data type is a .NET type in SQL 2008 and we had not played with .NET types in SQL 2005 yet, we scratched our heads for a few minutes.

We tried both:

nodeParam.UdtTypeName = typeof(SqlHierarchyId).Name; 


nodeParam.UdtTypeName = typeof(SqlHierarchyId).FullName; 

But the solution was much simpler:

nodeParam.UdtTypeName = "HierarchyId";

This should be needed for the new GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY data types as well. Maybe this helps someone else.

Posted 06-11-2008 3:38 PM by sergiopereira



Bala wrote re: UdtTypeName and .NET data types in SQL
on 09-09-2008 12:16 AM

But the keyword "SqlHierarchyId" doesn't seem appear in my VS 2008 IDE. I am having VS 2008 RTM version.

sergiopereira wrote re: UdtTypeName and .NET data types in SQL
on 09-09-2008 9:59 AM


SqlHierarchyId is not a keyword, it's just a type name. To have it listed in your Intellisense and understood by the compiler you will need to add a reference to the assembly that contains it. This assembly is called Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.

Recent URLs tagged Datatypes - Urlrecorder wrote Recent URLs tagged Datatypes - Urlrecorder
on 01-08-2009 6:46 AM

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ahmad wrote re: UdtTypeName and .NET data types in SQL
on 05-07-2010 11:28 PM

thank you very much .

Muzi wrote re: UdtTypeName and .NET data types in SQL
on 09-15-2010 11:36 AM

thanks man, this was very helpful

Bruce wrote re: UdtTypeName and .NET data types in SQL
on 11-06-2011 4:24 PM

ditto.  worked perfect for "geography" type... thx.

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