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Cruise and Agile discussed - videos forthcoming
Update: The videos of the presentation and discussion have been posted.

This month's Chicago ALT.NET meeting was pretty awesome and it was all caught in video. As soon as I have some time to do some post-production on the raw material (read, just stitch pieces together) I'll make it available somehow.

As previously mentioned we started off with a presentation of ThoughtWorks Cruise, where Robert Norton explained the idea of CI server, Agents, Pipelines and went through many of Cruise features, system requirements, and futures. He also clarified his company's position regarding, which will most likely not receive a lot of attention in terms of funding, being left for the community to keep it going.

Cruise seemed promising to me but it's clearly a typical version 1 product that needs some work to get enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Hopefully they move quickly and release a few updates before the year is over to make the product top notch. I don't mean to say Cruise in unusable. It's definitely usable and does things in a very smart way. Given time I'm sure they will take care of the rough edges and have a chance to answer customer feedback. My particular concerns tend to be on the side of ability to integrate with other systems in the enterprise, like your bug/feature tracker.

After the presentation portion we all sat together for an open discussion. The fallback topic was CI practices but what the group really wanted to talk about was Agile teams and their dynamics, so that's what the discussion became. As usual, that's my favorite part of the meeting and it's a pity that only 50% of the attendance stuck around for it.

It's nice when you go to a meeting like this and can take home a lot of new knowledge.

Posted 08-15-2008 9:05 AM by sergiopereira



Chris Sutton wrote re: Cruise and Agile discussed - videos forthcoming
on 08-15-2008 5:29 PM

Very cool, I'm looking forward to seeing the video. I've been using Team city recently and it would be good to compare against Cruise.


Tim Barcz wrote re: Cruise and Agile discussed - videos forthcoming
on 08-18-2008 9:20 AM

It sounds like you're leery of version 1.  Is that the general sense of most who were there or are in the community?  With Thoughtworks being such a trusted name in the community do you get the sense that others will jump on the bandwagon sooner (not waiting for v2) just because it's Thoughtworks?

sergiopereira wrote re: Cruise and Agile discussed - videos forthcoming
on 08-18-2008 9:41 AM


I thought Cruise had enough value to be used right away. It has some innovative features and is clearly serious about keeping tabs on your builds.

On the other hand, build scripts are not something you want to migrate willy-nilly so I'd expect any adoption to occur slowly for people that already have their CI going on. If they can catch CI first-timers, then they might reach better number. I just don't think their product is target at that demographic yet.

Community Blogs wrote Video - ThoughtWorks Cruise at Chicago ALT.NET
on 08-20-2008 12:10 PM

This video was captured at the Chicago ALT.NET August 13th meeting . This first video is the Cruise presentation

Video - ThoughtWorks Cruise at Chicago ALT.NET - Sergio Pereira wrote Video - ThoughtWorks Cruise at Chicago ALT.NET - Sergio Pereira
on 08-29-2008 7:20 PM

Pingback from  Video - ThoughtWorks Cruise at Chicago ALT.NET - Sergio Pereira

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