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Transitioning - interlude

Right after I mildly complained about the lack of thoughtful orientation on a new job, I was pleasantly surpirsed with this lovely schedule for my first week at the new place.

Just wanted to share that with you. There's hope for our world.

Posted 09-04-2008 7:28 AM by sergiopereira
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Jak Charlton wrote re: Transitioning - interlude
on 09-04-2008 1:37 PM

That is good????   Looks like my idea of hell :)  

sergiopereira wrote re: Transitioning - interlude
on 09-04-2008 1:48 PM


LOL. Keep in mind that I'm comparing this to "being throw in the lions cage". Nobody is a big fan of meetings but I'm approaching this week as training classes. I've now gone through half of them and it was fairly painless - although the telecommuting aspect of it helps a lot.

Dave Schinkel wrote re: Transitioning - interlude
on 09-05-2008 1:26 AM

Dude, this is great..what place is this, I wanna join.

The fact that they even talk about standards is a GOOD thing.  The fact that they talk about layers is a GOOD THING.

I'm impressed.  Communication and standards are lacking these days in IT.  Having everyone on page is  VERY GOOD SIGN that this place cares about coding right...or at least they seem to.

Jak Charlton wrote re: Transitioning - interlude
on 09-05-2008 4:50 AM

I hope you are right ...

What I would suspect from a calendar like that is that the standards and architecture is so rigid and fixed that it can be drawn down not only into documentation, but also into training sessions/courses ... it doesn't strike me as very Agile ...

... but perhaps this is a very large and well established project and these things have had time to settle, or perhaps the calendar is misleading and these are more like informal chats and pair programming than training ...

sergiopereira wrote re: Transitioning - interlude
on 09-05-2008 8:38 AM


The architecture is not rigid. It's well-defined. You make something solid sound like a bad thing.

It is indeed a stable product on top of a designed that has been maintained successfully for years. That said, there's always room for improvement and technology always advances.

You're right about the calendar, the word "training" sounds too formal. It's more personal and closer, not a classroom event. But it is training nevertheless.

No it's not Agile (with capital A). But I don't want to get into that topic just yet :)

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