jQuery SuperLoad

An important part of working with jQuery is to create plugins to simplify repetitive tasks. I write jQuery plugins all the time for internal consumption of my applications.

Most of them are not of enough general purpose to be shared publicly. Recently I created one that could stand on its own and I chose to make it available if anyone is interested.

Multiple Element Ajax Updates

jQuery SuperLoad came out of the necessity to update more than one element in a page without needing to do everything with JavaScript (and you know I'm not the one that avoids JavaScript).

All of the page elements I needed to update with Ajax came from page segments (partials, user controls, etc) that I had available on my server side. It seemed appropriate to go back to the server to get updated versions of that same HTML. But I didn't want to issue a separate $.ajax() or $(elem).load for each one of them.

Using SuperLoad I can now return something like the following from my server application and have more than one element updated.

<div class="ajax-content">
	<div title="!appendTo #content .shoppingList">
			<img src="/images/prod12345.png" class="product-image">
			<div class="prodSummary">
				<div class="prodTitle">ACME Product</div>
				<div class="prodPrice">$12.34</div>
	<div title="!update #orderTotal">
		Total: <span class="totalPrice">$47.22</span>
		<div class="specialOffer">Eligible for free shipping!</div>
		$('#orderTotal specialOffer').effect('highlight');

All that is needed for this to be correctly applied to the right elements (selected by "#content .shoppingList" and "#orderTotal" is a line of code similar to this example.

	url: '/shopping/addItem', 
	type: 'POST', 
	data: {product: 12345} 

Check the plugin source code comments or the github repository page for more details.

Posted 08-21-2009 6:59 PM by sergiopereira
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DotNetShoutout wrote jQuery SuperLoad - Sergio Pereira - Devlicio.us
on 08-21-2009 9:07 PM

Thank you for submitting this cool story - Trackback from DotNetShoutout

DotNetKicks.com wrote jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-21-2009 9:28 PM

You've been kicked (a good thing) - Trackback from DotNetKicks.com

Steve Evans wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-22-2009 5:39 AM

Looks pretty cool.  That actually makes a lot more sense than coming up with some complicated JSON object in one request that's rebuilt on the client.

Jesus DeLaTorre wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-23-2009 3:50 AM

Very nice. I had question about the Update and replaceWith functions. What is the difference?

Jesus DeLaTorre wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-23-2009 3:51 AM

Whats the difference between update and replaceWith?

chris martin wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-23-2009 8:04 AM

I love people writing code and all... but, ick!

You're asking people to mix in hard-coded view (html) knowledge into their service/business layer just so you don't have to write more than one .ajax() call?

Honestly, it's pretty cool but should never been released into the wild.

sergiopereira wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-23-2009 8:54 AM

@Jesus Update will replace the innerHTML and replaceWith will replace the entire element (it's jQuery's replaceWith command, you can look it up in jQuery docs)

sergiopereira wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-23-2009 8:59 AM

@chris, if you view your web application as a service layer, then yes, this would be ugly. I'd hardly call my web application a business layer.

In my case, and pretty much all apps I have, the web server code is not a JSON-server or a pure REST API, for example. It's perfectly fine for that same application that returns the HTML pages ("hard-coded view knowlege", as you put) to also return this type of combined response.

wildchild wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-24-2009 1:12 PM

Nice. Why not use html 5 data-* attributes instead of invalid title? Just like this:

<div data-append-to="#content .shoppingList">...</div>

sergiopereira wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-24-2009 2:02 PM

@wildchild  I haven't used those yet but would they cause HTML-4 (or XHTML) pages to become invalid or needing a custom DTD (or schema) ?

I guess I may need to study them a little closer. Thanks for the suggestion.

Carl Furrow wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-24-2009 4:26 PM

Now *that* is just plain sexy.

wildchild wrote re: jQuery SuperLoad
on 08-25-2009 12:53 AM

@sergiopereira unfortunately data-* attributes valid only for html5.


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