LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends

A month or so ago I bought a Blu-ray player. I waited a bit to buy one of those because, frankly speaking, the improved image quality and any bonus features in the discs weren't attractive enough for me to replace the DVD player.

I also wanted a networked player that could stream movies from my Netflix queue. To make matters worse, running a CAT-5 cable from my basement (where my wireless router lives) to the bedroom (the BR player's final destination) wasn't really something I was looking forward to.

That's when I did some shopping around and came across the LG BD390 Wi-Fi-enabled Blu-ray player. It supports wireless 802.11n and access to a few online services like YouTube, Netflix and VUDU. It can also find media in my home network.

Note: I know there's always someone that will come suggest taking a look at the PS3 or XBOX can do some or all of that. I'm not a gamer so I didn't want to have a gaming console in my bedroom and deal with issues related to the not being a simple player aspects of the device (like maybe having to buy extra adapters/connectors, remote control, and what-have-you). It's probably a no-brainer if you're into video games. Did I say I do not buy Sony?

Welcome LG BD390

So I went and bought the LG BD390 and installed it where it was supposed to be. I was a little worried about not having the 802.11n router setup yet (it was still on its way) but I decided to give it a shot even on my 5-year old 802.11g router. I thought maybe I wouldn't get HD streaming or choppy video, but at least I would get a feeling about the device's capabilities while I waited for the new router to arrive.

Works great on wireless-G

To my surprise, the LG BD390 worked great over wireless-G. Setup is incredibly easy (the only hard part was really entering the long WPA password using the on-screen keyboard.) It boots up fast. Within 5 minutes from its first power-on it had already found and updated its firmware, I had activated my Netflix streaming and The Office was streaming in HD on my TV.

Best gadget purchase in years. This device will definitely change the way I watch movies and TV series, and listen to music (BTW, since it's easy to upgrade the firmware and other LG products offer Pandora, here's to hoping the BD390 gets that too soon.)

But not so fast. Bad wireless-N surprise.

You'd think that by upgrading my network to wireless-N would only make the whole experience much better, right? Me too.

I upgraded my trusty wireless-G router with a shiny new D-Link DIR 655 wireless-N Gigabit model. It has some interesting features, USB port, decent firmware features (well, read on,) and seems rather popular anyway.

Once I configured it to the exact same network settings as the previous router, I checked the laptops were working fine with it and went straight to enjoy some more streaming on my Blur-ray player. I immediately noticed that the signal strength had dropped from 5 bars to 2, 1, and sometimes no bars at all. Even when a couple of bars were there, it wouldn't even browse my local network.

I even tried using a cheap-o router in repeater mode but it didn't play well with my D-Link router and even the laptops would lose connectivity at random when this thing was active — I ended up returning it.

A month later (and a few lost frustrating hours) later I came across this post on the Amazon reviews for the player. Basically, even though there was a new firmware available, the router insisted in telling me it had the latest one. And it just so happens that the firmware it had (v1.2) had some serious bugs. Short version, many times it would not work at all with the Blu-ray player.

I followed the suggested instructions and things are much better now. I still get a very weak signal but at least I'm able to consistently stream HD content. I hope the next version of the BD390 comes with an external antenna. I might try another router and see if they have a stronger signal — this seems to be a common complaint about this D-Link model.

So if you're in the market for a Blu-ray player I can recommend LG's BD390 but I'd suggest you search the web for any issues with your wireless-N router (unless you're planning to wire it up, in that case I recommended it 100%). If you're buying your router together with the BR player, buy it from a store that you can easily return it in case it doesn't work well with the BR player. On the other hand, if you're looking for a new router, I cannot recommend D-Link's DIR 655.

Posted 11-04-2009 6:33 PM by sergiopereira
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Rey G. wrote re: LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends
on 12-08-2009 5:38 PM

Did you try it with D-Link DIR-855?

sergiopereira wrote re: LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends
on 12-08-2009 5:47 PM

Rey, I did not. After using it for a month with the changes I mentioned in the blog, I still had occurrences of weak signal probably due  to the inneficient antenna in the LG player so I gave up and bought an WiFi bridge and hooked up the player to the bridge with a cable. That has been working much, much better but it's sad because the whole point of buying that LG model was its WiFi capability.

Rob wrote re: LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends
on 01-05-2010 12:24 AM

Sergio, I just found a configuration that worked for me, perhaps you can try this also. Here is the post I just placed on Amazon. Hopefully this will help you also. If so, feel free to comment on my amazon review (www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_cr_thx_view) which will email me. Good luck!


This player is really one of the best investments in home theater I've made in many years. The picture is awesome with Bluray and DVD disks. I am really impressed.

I was however frustrated how it worked with my DLink DIR-655 wireless N router. After I had the unit setup and connecting to the internet, I tried to watch some video's from youtube. The connection bars would show maybe 2 and would drop off to the bar only while loading the video. Then as the video would start playing (at what would be a very bad connection speed) it would stop and buffer again, repeating several times often to the point I would stop the playback.

I did some research and found some helpful suggestions such as defining the network with a static IP on the BD-390 of, and setting the DNS to and (note that my DNS are not these IP's but it is doing just fine). This helped the connection status to show 4 bars instead of 2, but as soon as I tried to play youtube again it slowly dropped off to only the bar as it appeared to timeout slowly starting playback.

Having years of experience with networking equipment, I decided to play with the settings myself and the BD-390 is running quite fast now on the N network. Here are some things I did which may help some of you:

On the setup page, internet option I unchecked the "Enable Advanced DNS Service"

On the setup page, wireless option I have it set to run with G and N; WPA-Personal and WPA2/AES only encryption mode.

On the Advanced page, QoS Engine option I unchecked the "Enable Traffic Shaping" option

On the Advanced page, Advanced Wireless option I unchecked all the boxes except the Short GI

On the Advanced Page, WISH option I unchecked "Enable WISH"

On the Advanced Page, WI-FI Protected Setup I unchecked "Enabled" (although I doubt this would affect it if you left this on)

On the Advanced tab, Securespot option I unchecked the "Enable Securespot services" (another one that probably didn't have to be disabled, but I chose to disabled it while testing).

I am running the latest firmware on the DIR-655 (1.32NA)

My devices are picking up both N and G at pretty good speeds and distances.  

Mike wrote re: LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends
on 01-05-2010 10:47 PM

Interesting, I ended up with pretty much the same DIR-655 settings as Rob (but added a static IP for my BD390 and entered my actual providers Primary/Secondary DNS and not the wrong ones others are recommending), but still had occassional problems with youtube delays and large movie (4.5 GB 90min MKV) stuttering if played back over WiFi.    Strange thing was, I could fire the same movie up on my Wireless G Dell laptop in the same room, or any youtube movie and watch it without the stuttering.   Having never had a problem with my router and any of my other devices, it struck me as odd.

I live in an old character home, and couldn't run a cable down to the player, but wanted to watch HD videos from a network share.  After reading up on mixed network (G/N) problems, I decided to drop the router to G only.    It seems to work great now.  Maybe the problem was our two G laptops, the G wireless brother printer, and Wii we use causing issues with the mixed N/G mode setting on the DIR-655 and the BD390 connection?  

Thought this might be valuable to someone else.

Mike L. wrote re: LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends
on 03-02-2010 3:17 PM

I had the same problem.  I upgraded my router from a Dlink  WBR-2310 to the 655.  I got better performance with the 2310, so I returned the 655.

Another interesting thing is when I would try to connect to Windows Media Server or my shared drives from the BD390, the connection speed was extremely slow on the 655.  Sometimes I could not even stream MP3s.

So, now I'm back to the 2310...

Best Wireless N Router http://www.smorgasbord.net/best-wireless-n-router/ wrote re: LG BD390 Blu-ray player and D-Link DIR 655 Router: not friends
on 03-01-2011 7:27 AM

I’ve had this router for over a year and I love it. Only problem is now I have an iPhone and I can’t connect. Anyone have any ideas ?

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