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  • Setting up TeamCity as a native NuGet Server

    TeamCity 7.0 EAP (Early Access Program) was recently opened and one of the new features is the built-in support for NuGet. I recently blogged about setting up TeamCity to pack and publish NuGet packages via a plug-in and this plug-in is now included by default in TeamCity 7. However, the real new interesting...
    Posted to Hadi Hariri by Hadi Hariri on 12-01-2011
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  • Native NuGet Support in TeamCity

    A few months ago, Scott Hanselman gave a session at TechEd US were he showed some new features we were working on for TeamCity, in order to provide first class support for NuGet. He later blogged about it here . Instead of delaying until the next release of TeamCity, this feature (like many), has been...
    Posted to Hadi Hariri by Hadi Hariri on 08-24-2011
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  • Coverage with TeamCity and dotCover with MSTest, NUnit or MSpec

    As some of you know, we recently shipped TeamCity 6 which includes, out of the box, a bundled version of dotCover . What this means is that you can now get coverage reports for your code easily, and of course, for free if you’re using the Professional version of TeamCity . The setup is quite easy...
    Posted to Hadi Hariri by Hadi Hariri on 12-10-2010
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  • Using Team City With Git

    I love TeamCity, but I had some difficulty with setting up Team City with Git as my vcs so thought I’d log my configuration here. Documentation on the plugin is a bit sketchy and the exceptions raised when testing connections can be horrible, but the native Git plugin in Team City (v5.1+) is still...
    Posted to Mike Nichols - Son Of Nun Technology by Michael Nichols on 06-12-2010
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  • TeamCity Remote Runs / Personal Builds

    This is a killer feature of TeamCity against other CI servers, I believe. TC allows you to test your changes before committing them to the Source Control Repository, which means that you don’t have to worry about breaking the build, because you won’t :) I needed this in order to try a fix...
    Posted to Tuna Toksoz by Tuna Toksoz on 07-03-2009
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  • Typemock NUnit Results to TeamCity

    I’ve been using TeamCity for project builds for about 6 months now, but I haven’t used it to it’s full potential as a build server. I couldn’t get Typemock to run properly on Team City. I decided to take a look on how to do this. I thought it would be easy to do using TeamCity. However, according to...
    Posted to Stephen Wright by Stephen Wright on 03-01-2009
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  • Resetting a TeamCity Password

    I switched to a new machine yesterday, and had to reinstall my TeamCity notifier ... so off I went to our TC site to download it, and bam, I was asked for my login ... annoyingly TC maintains it's own password and user accoutns, and then matches these up to NT accounts - so my domain login and password...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 10-07-2008
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